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17 yo with bowel troubles... in need of help

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  • Posted By: anyideas?
  • October 15, 2007
  • 06:01 AM

im matt and im lookign for anyones thoughts. In february I went to a leadership conference in Washingtton d.c with 200 kids. The day before i went i felt sick and had a sore throat. WHile i was there my doctor called in an antibiotic which i was on for about 2-3 weeks. I took this antibiotic every morning with a coke slushy because i was not hungry and the slush felt good on my throat. Aftering tested for mono (because of the sore throat) my girlfriend was tested and found out that she had just gotten over it. The doctor recommended that i get an ultrasound on my liver and spleen to see if they were enlarged and sure enought bother were. My spleen was 15cm and i am unsure of my liver. After getting this i became totally crazy over some of the stuff i read on the internet about leukemia's and cancers. I dont think ive ever been so emootionlly insane!! Everyone at the time just laughed at me but i was trully scared because of the abundance of info i read about white blood cell counts/enlarged livers/enlarged spleens ...you name it! After a few weeks of little sleep and constant worries i had another blood test done which showed improvement but the doctor still wanted a few more blood tests and ultrasounds. Around this time i had just finished my antibiotics and woke up one night with a stomache ache and gas. The same thing happened the next night. I went to the doctor a few days later tellign him about my symptoms and he told me it was likely from coming off the antibiotics. A few weeks passed and i had another blood test and ultrasound and everythign with my liver/spleen/blood count had much improved! But yet i was having diarrhea off and on. This time it wasnt at night, it was after meals and in the mornings. In about May, i was cleared from the doctor to play football. My spleen, liver and blood count had returned to normal but i was still troubled by diarrhea. After numerous of my complaints i was sent to a Gi doctor where i was tested for parasites/whiteblood cells in stool/h pylori with blood tests and stool cultures. Along with that i was given an x-ray. The x-ray showed that my ileum nodes were enlarged which the doctor said could be normal but she wanted a biopsy and my other tests came back fine. i was then given an colonoscopy and endoscopy which they biopsied my nodes and came back normal. The doctor kinda kicked aroudn the idea of crohnes. During the summer i went on a gluten free diet while i was out of town and not once did i have a soft stool or diarrhea. As soon as i came home and had a bunless burger at denny's i had diarrhea. i told the doctor but she told me if it were celiac that i would have had to be on the diet for a longer period of time for it too effect me. I also tried to increase my fiber intake but this only seemed to make me poop more, even thought they were a little more solid than norm. Now that it is october i am still having off and on soft stools but they dont seem near as bad as they once were. Normally after large meals, during stressful times, or in the mornign i will have soft stools or bad diarrhea. I have noticed that when i eat pasta's or rice or partially uncooked steak it is worse and i feel bloated and uncomfortable. I am doing anythign and everything to figure out my problems... can anyone please help me???

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