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15 years old and I have no clue what's wrong with me

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  • Posted By: Irene710
  • June 18, 2009
  • 10:50 PM

I have no clue what's wrong with me, but something's definitely wrong...:confused:

Constant exhaustion. I'm always tired and simple physical activity can wear me out. When I'm just walking down the street with my boyfriend, I tell him that we have to stop and I hunch down with my hands on my knees and try to make myself feel better. When I walk up a flight of stairs, I get this sudden dizzyness and headache and I just need to sit down. I am constantly getting headaches and nothing helps. I've tried Advil, Tylenol, and Aspirin. Nothing. I have to just wait them out. I am also extremely sensitive to light. When I look up at lights at my school or if I walk into a bright room, my vision gets extremely distorted and I actually cannot see anything for a bit. With that then comes the dizzyness and headache. Because of the dizzyness, I start to stumble. I also get dizzyness and headaches from standing up after laying down and this happens every single time. I get weak and I sometimes can't keep a tight fist because I'm feeling so weak. Also, when I'm sitting down or being still, I sometimes feel these weird muscle twitches in my arm. I don't know what they're from. Could this be neurological? Please, if anyone has any idea why these things are happening to me, tell me.

Other symptoms (not really big deals... I think:)

I have diarrhea all the time. When I'm in public places, I freak out because I have a very hard time holding it in.

I get nauseas constantly. I could just be eating a sandwhich and then I randomly feel like I have to throw up. I have to just stop eating and throw away the rest of it :(

I have tendinitis in my right elbow (from softball.) But I feel that my left elbow is starting to get weak and painful. Same goes for both of my knees.

I have pain all the time. Whether it's in my neck or legs. I am constantly hurting.

*If I remember any other symptoms, I'll tell you*

Medical history:

When I was a toddler, I had surgery for bilateral club foot. (A lot of ankle pain because of it.)

I'm currently up to date with all the vaccinations a 15 year old girl should have.

I'm currently taking Yaz, the birth control pill.

In April 2009, I had tonsilitis and I went to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist because my pediatricians don't know anything. He suggested I have my tonsils removed but I'm not too sure about that yet.

I constantly become short of breath.

Please, if anyone can help me, talk to me!!!

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  • Have these synptoms always been or did they start more recently?Also have you had your B12 levels checked? It could be chronic fatigue syndrome. Heres a link http://wrongdiagnosis.com/c/chronic_fatigue_syndrome/symptoms.htm
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  • since when are u having the symptoms.any skin lesions???
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  • Look at the possibility of Lyme disease:http://www.canlyme.com/patsymptoms.htmlTry to remember if you've ever had rashes / bruises on your body that you didn't know where you got, especially the ones that don't hurt to the touch. Also, check if you've visited (or if you live) in a region where the Lyme disease deer tick lives. Many people don't remember getting bitten by a tick (these things have special saliva that makes you not notice it). They sometimes can be mistaken for a pimple, especially if hiding in a hairy area, their preferred hiding place (do a Google image search for engorged nymph tick).
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  • 1) Thank you for replying :)2) I've had headache and nausea problems since I was in middle school however these fatigue and light sensitivity problems are relatively recent. I've probably been having these symptoms for about a year. Also, I forgot to tell you guys that I've suffered from sleep paralysis about 3 times over the last year. I don't know if that helps with anything but just a little f.y.i. And no, I don't have any skin lesions nor have I had my B12 levels checked. Tell me a little more about the B12 though.
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  • It does sound like it could be neurological. I was diagnosed w/ ADEM which I'm sure it's not that because it comes on very quickly, but possibly an MRI could give some insight. The light sensitivity sounds like a neuro symptom. I know my sensitivity to light was extreme. Jusr a thought that an MRI with contrast may show something. Also, I'm young too, so I know how scary it can be!! GOOD LUCK!
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  • It's been a while since you've been to the Doctors ? April last visit ?Perhaps time for another round of tests, blood work etc. I agree with some other posts regarding your B12 levels , they should be checkedBest of luckSamanthahttp://www.undiagnosedillness.org
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  • Dear Irene,Are your problems such as headache and other pain site more painful/intense at the left side of your body/head.
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  • Hey, do you ever get any mental fog-ness? like it gets harder to concentrate or hurts to focus randomly when all the other symptoms start happening? and how often does this happen, does it happen once every month or all the time?do u feel tingling in any parts of your body? do u ever have uncontrollable body spasms or the feeling that your legs will give out? and then it gets harder to breathe the more you move?
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  • No lesions or bumps or bruises. Next time I go to the doctor, I'll have blood work done... what exactly should the doctor look for?Hikari, it gets harder to concentrate but it doesn't hurt to focus. do u feel tingling in any parts of your body? do u ever have uncontrollable body spasms or the feeling that your legs will give out? and then it gets harder to breathe the more you move? yes! A LOT of tingling. no uncontrollable body spasms however I do get little muscle twitches in my arm all the time. and yes it does get harder to breathe the more I move.poodlesamy, no my headaches and pain sites aren't more painful towards the left side of my body. they can be on either sidebtw, thanks everyone :)
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  • Dear Irene,I can assist you to find help. please e male poodlesamy at live dot comBest Regards
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  • How often do the symptoms occur?
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  • Hikari,symptoms occur on a daily basis. probably a couple of times a day
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  • how have you been sleeping? do you feel like you get enough sleep or refreshed when you wake up?so. these symptoms have been occuring daily for a year now? how has it been affecting school?
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  • Have you been to a doctor?? I would recommend going to see one soon.. you may need a chest x-ray to see if there is something going on in your lungs that would cause you to be short of breath. You should also be tested for Lyme Disease.. even if you never had the bullseye rash.. you need to have a Western Blot test done.There are several things that would cause your symptoms, from chronic fatigue syndrome, to heart and or lung problems, anxiety, thyroid disorders, and possibly even celiac disease.Go to a doctor, tell him/her what you have been going through, and let them run tests and help you out!! Best of luck to you!!
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  • My dad is going to call the doctor tomorrow and we're going to make an appointment.Hikari, even after a long night of sleep, I don't feel refreshed in the morning. I actually wake up with a painful headache. My breathing problems have also gotten worse, at certain times I feel as though I can't even take in a deep breath. MK, I'll ask the doctor about Lyme. I'm deff. going to have blood work done.Thank you everybody!:)
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  • I am glad to hear that you are seeking medical help, and testing. It is also possible it could be something as simple as anemia.. and all that generally requires is some iron pills.Anemia is defined as "a pathologic deficiency in the amount of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin in the red blood cells." It is a common problem for cancer patients and often results from the therapies used to suppress or control tumors. Anemia is associated with fatigue - a feeling of weakness or diminished physical and mental capacity unrelieved by rest (fatigue). Additional symptoms http://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/grey_loader.gifinclude diminished ability to perform daily functions and possibly impaired cognitive function, headache, dizziness, chest pain and shortness of breath, nausea, depression and occasionally pain. These symptoms are often complicated by coexisting disease(s).There are many compromises that are necessary when one has symptomatic anemia. This can affect the tolerability of therapy. Anemia is also associated with a poorer prognosis and increased mortality
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  • Hikari, I forgot to tell you... I missed a lot of school days because of being sick all the time. I fell behind big time.MK, thank you for the Anemia info. I'll talk to my doctor about Anemia too. I'll keep everybody updated.
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  • You dont have enough symptoms for B12 problems, Your body requires very little vitamin b12 or cobalamin and most of us get sufficient quantities of it in our normal meals to satisfy our daily requirements. Although it's rare to see vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms it can still be useful to be able to recognise them just in case.You're most vulnerable to vitamin b12 deficiency if you've vegan and don't use the available dietary supplements containing vitamin b12. Infants breast-feeding from vegan mothers can also be at risk. Vitamin b12 supplements are generally regarded as safe because there are few known adverse effects of overdose.The main symptom that arises from vitamin b12 deficiency is a type of anemia that causes you to feel tired, weak and lethargic. You might also feel nauseous, constipated and become very flatulent (gas). You may also lose your appetite and suffer weight loss.More severe cases can give vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms, which include:Numbness or tingling in the hands or feetInsomniaLoss of memoryDizzinessLack of balanceDepressionDigestive problemsDizzinessLiver enlargementEye problemsHeadachesHallucinationsInflamed tongueBreathing difficultiesLoss of memoryPalpitationsNeurological damageTinitus or ringing in the ears I do hope it is something simple, that will result in a quick fix for you!! You are FAR too young to have that many problems!! Best of luck to you!!
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  • if you had anemia, you would be rather pale and bruise easily. but get that checked to be safe.Not getting good quality sleep can cause alot of those symptoms. you should ask the doctor about doing a EEG. that will record your brain waves and activity while you are sleeping. it may also tract if you experience sleep apnea without you knowing.how are your periods? heavy? missed? are your periods regular? and do symptoms worsen during those times?you should also ask your doctor to run breathing tests to test for asthma and check your lungs. somtimes its not just one thing but a combination of things that just build up.another thing you can look into is Multiple Sclerosis. you should ask for brain MRI and if an MRI is normal, ask for a spinal tap to be sure. You should test for any autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Rheumatoid, Scleroderma, and Raynauds. and get your thyroid checked, hormones affect your body tremendously, any imbalance can very well throw off your entire body.have you been eating well? a lack of nutrition can really have such a wide variety of symptoms like that.a healthy diet and exercise is important in maintaining the fatigue. at first you will feel like you are too weak and tired to exercise but building your way up a lil by lil (called rehabilitation) will train your body to be stronger and allow easier passage of air and circulation. not only should you train the body, but training the mind is important. engage in meditation, yoga, or tai chi to release mind of stress and anxiety. trust me stress and anxiety buildup is not something to take lightly and is often mismanaged.its not easy to diagnose, and its like a checklist. first you have to rule out the most probable diagnoses before you get even more specific. let me know your results and i can help you more. i have a feeling you teh doctors will not really know whats going on.. good luck!!!
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  • Get to a doctor.Have your heart and blood pressure checked.
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