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15 year old frequently fainting?

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  • Posted By: prologuex
  • August 1, 2009
  • 08:08 AM

Okay... I have these strange fainting episodes, and they have been going on for about 2-3 years now. I got my very first episode in sixth grade. And I've been to a lot of different doctors, and the hospital, and none can give me an answer. Is there any way anyone could help me out?

I don't necessarily feel dizzy at first. It usually begins with a heavy cramp, accompanied by diarrhea. Then I usually begin to feel strange. I'm either really hot or really cold. My arms feel heavy, then my head feels heavy, and I usually black out a few moments after I actually begin to feel dizzy. I don't usually remember what happens after, and can be out of it anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. It happens when I am sitting or standing. Though it usually takes me twenty minutes of sitting before I can stand up again. And a full hour after that to fully feel better. Though, after that hour, I'm usually feeling fine and can continue with my day.

But um... background. I'm underweight now, but that is not the reason for these episodes, I know, because they started in 6th grade, and my weight was fine then. I've been tested for diabetes, I'm not anemic, no low blood pressure, It's not from not eating, and it's not because of that whole "standing up too fast" thing either. I'd guess a food allergy or something but it happens randomly, with no linking factor. It can happen multiple times a week, a few times in a month, or even with month spaces in between episodes. Though recently, they have become very, very frequent.

Because of this, I have been home bound for a while. I'm not allowed to work and have to be home schooled. It's a constant worry for my mom and sister, I know, and they really don't like to take me out because of it. I've seen a lot of different doctors and no one even wants to listen or care and if they do, they have no clue at all what it could be...
So any would really be appreciated.

Thanks for reading, or even looking,

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  • Maybe you are having drop attack seizures. I had them when I was a teenager, my mom thought I was just passing out.
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  • It usually begins with a heavy cramp, accompanied by diarrhea. ummm i havent heard of fainting attacks starting with that symptom. i faint myself on occassions due to a little known condition (very hard to get diagnosed) called Postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS). but as far as im aware it dont start out with cramps and diarrhea. (i know my faints dont start out in bowel symptoms and i havent heard any others with POTS mention that it does in them thou ones with POTS are more likely to have issues such as irritable bowel syndrome). i hope someone here can help you and give you the answer to your issue.
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  • Does this fainting occur more in the warmer months or in hotter weather?........ i just thought of something else. The following can cause "attacks" of fainting and diarhea and cramps (and often other symptoms too) and doctors do often miss this even when people are passing out. (Also can cause weight loss). (Your diarrhea and you getting like attacks of the condition made me think of the following). http://www.medicinenet.com/addison_disease/discussion-194-page2.htm (you can see from that that patients with Addisons all present quite differently.. many faint). "Addison's Disease Symptoms Return to top Changes in blood pressure or heart rateChronic diarrheaDarkening of the skin - patchy skin colorUnnaturally dark color in some placesPalenessExtreme weaknessFatigueLoss of appetiteMouth lesions on the inside of a cheek (buccal mucosa)Nausea and vomitingSalt cravingSlow, sluggish movementUnintentional weight loss "Posssible Addison's disease. Get your cortisol levels tested and fast as this disease can be dangerous IF this is your issue. let us know how things go.
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  • could be more like a type of seizure; have you seen a neurologist? Some times, too, a variety of seizure is not always evident on the brain scan. You should not be made a prisoner of your condition, however, and your school (if your mother lets you go) can put you on a 504 plan to assist your integration in society. I would insist that your mom and you seek some type of counseling to think of "transition" into adulthood and not live with your mom all your life. It's not healthy for you to sit home. I would suspect diet, too...what you eat and how you eat...blood pressure?? drinking enough water???
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