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13 year old with chest pain?

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  • Posted By: zennyboy10
  • December 29, 2010
  • 04:05 PM

Hi guys , Ill tell you about whats happened , from the start.
I was lying down at night , reading a book and I had that sort of phlegm at the back of my throat , I kept swallowing , and it would go down but it never finished so I thought I may aswell stop swallowing and start to sleep , but I couldnt because it was annoying, so I tried to swallow but I couldnt and then because I was scared so my heart started beating fast and my chest/heart hurt , I thought I was having a heart attack , but after reading for a couple of minutes , I finally went to sleep. Then the next day at school I didnt feel to brilliant , I was having chest pains , my chest hurt and I was REALLY dizzy , sitting down and standing up , it has been like this for two weeks but my chest has improved. My symptoms now are chest pains (most of the time is when I breathe in , its like a short little pain , they dont come all the time , it has got better) I also get arm and back pain when I breathe in mostly , sometimes when Im not even breathing in deeply and sometimes it happens if I cough , the pain is a quick stabbing pain and last for 3 seconds and goes. The arm pain is in both arms and the back pain is everywhere ? The dizziness isnt too bad , infact I would say its pretty much gone.I have been to see a doctor and he checked my heart and back and he said everything was ok , and I told him I has asthma but I stopped using my inhalers because I genuinely thought I was getting better and he said it could be your asthma so he gave me both coloured inhalers (brown and blue) and now I take 2 puffs of the brown inhaler twice a day , the blue one is used if Im not feeling good , like really bad , asthma attack etc , thankfully I havent had to use it. The brown inhaler has helped me quite well , at night espcially because it would be terrible at this time. Also , I get stomach pains , mainly after eating , but sometimes not. Its like needles piercing , its a short stabbing pain , and last for a couple of seconds then goes , say if I squeeze my belly , I can feel it , its quite annoying. Im 13 years old (nearly 14 , 3 months), Im overweight (obese if you like ) Im 11st 10lbs ,height is 5ft 7 inch and my bmi is 25-7 on bmi calculators. I have been thinking Im having heart attack because these are symptoms of one , also on my fathers side , there have been diabetes and heart attacks unfortunatly , but my dad himself thankfully, has not diseases or anything like that and because Im very fat , I think like this aswell , although I do get lots of exercise during school as I play football and hockey , so its my diet which is quite poor :( Also , may anxiety be playing a role in this as I do worry quite a bit over school work etc , but it has been quite some time I havent worried, a month or just a bit under. As Ive said at the beginning , I have been lying down in bed and my heart beat is rapid and my chest hurts , and this has happened about 3-4 (happens once every 3 months , but this time its the 1st time its had a lasting effect on me) so maybe anxiety? And Asthma is a possibilty but in my opinion it is something else aswell as this . I have got a bit of wheeziness when I breathe in and out , not all the time though , and its not too bad, it does get slightly worse at night, but its never too bad thankfully , I do have a tiny cough but thats because I breathe in and its wheezy ! Please help , Im quite worried that something is happening to me!

my bmi is like 25-6

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  • Hi!i'm thirteen years old and im a girl and I'm about 5'10" (im really tall)and I weigh about 115 lbs.I am feeling the same way as you.I have been given sinus infection and chest infection medicines but neither has made the pain go away.I have neck,back,and most importantly chest pains.the pain is mostly on the right side of my chest and it is short but painful.it randomly happens and it always happens when I take a deep breathe.I am nautious,dizzy,lightheaded,and weak too.I had a chest x ray and its not pneoumonia and I don't have asthma,so im really confused on what is wrong with me.If u could help that'd be great!!!!
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