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13-months old, low temp - 93.4

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  • Posted By: Scully0007
  • April 6, 2009
  • 07:56 AM

My soon to be 13-month old daughter has had a high fever since Thursday night (3-days). It's been between 102.7 and 103.7 when she wakes up but it responds well to Motrin and Tylenol, so well that her tempature returns to normal.

Last night I gave her motrin around 8PM and put her to bed. She was sleeping poorly and about 12:45 AM she woke up screaming. I picked her up and she felt very cold to me, I took her tempature with an ear thermometer and it was 93.7. I immediately followed with a rectal thermometer and it was 94.3, she was still screaming. Not knowing if this could be a serious problem or not I instructed my husband to call 911 to ask if this is a medical emergency. When the EMT's arrived she had been screaming for about 20 minutes and her tempature was 95.x. They transported us to a hopsital where the doctor didn't believe her tempature could have been that low. He said he had only seen that with hypothermia cases where the children have been exposed to very low environmental tempatures. She calmed down in route and started acting herself again. When she arrived her tempature was 97.x, he discharged her without doing any tests.

I'm worried, and I know she had a low tempature, she felt cold and I checked with two different thermometers. What could this be?

Her medical background follows. The ER doc told me I need to take her to a Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist. He said he'd read journal articles about resistant Streptococcus Pneumoniae but had never actually seen a case. He thinks my daughter may have it based on all the cultures I showed him.

12/9/08 - Endocrinologist diagnosed the elevated ALP as Benign Transient Hyperphosphatasemia. Lab work the following day indicated that it had already resolved itself.

12/9/08 - Diagnosed with first ear infection and given Amoxicillin x10-days

12/19/08 - Final day of Amoxicillin, diagnosed with an ear infection in the opposite ear, given Azithromycin

12/21/08 - Hospitalized for a high fever (103) and refusing to eat or drink. Doctors stumped by a combination of mysterious symptoms. Diagnosed with Chronic otitis media with mild bilateral mastoiditis. Given IV antibiotics, Unasyn, continued refusing to eat or drink. Surgery 12/26 to drain fluid causing pressure and place PE tubes. Told mastoiditis probably caused seizures she had in January. She wanted to eat everything in site following the surgery so we were discharged with Antibiotic ear drops Cipro and the oral Antibiotic Augmentin box x7-days.

I realized that this has probably been bothing her since mid-October when she started refusing to eat "Puffs" and Cheerios. Daughter continued to improve following her 5-night hospitalization and gained 3-pounds since her discharge.

01/20/09 - Third seizure, daycare called 911. Mom very concerned that it means the infection in her head did not clear up, doctors don't agree "because her ears look good" dispite the fact that they looked good on 11/04 when a CT scan showed an infection. ER doctor is convinced it's seizure disorder, no testing done. Mom freaking.

01/21/09 - Fourth seizure, the longest at 3-minutes, again daycare called 911 and again doctor's don't think it's her ears. Nothing done at ER. Mom even more concerned.

01/22/09- ENT also thinks because ears look good with no drainage that it's not an infection in her head. Mom doesn't agree and is freaking out.

01/27/09 - Neurologist says to get a second opinion, new ENT cultures green snot and puts her on the antibiotic Cefdinir for 30-days. He thinks that will fix her up. Mom is happy that they're doing something, just worried.

03/10/09 - Infection still not gone, now on Suprax.

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  • I dont know anything about your troubles, but I am also a mother of young children and I just wanted to tell you that I really hope you get the answers you are looking for. It is unimaginably hard to have a sick child and not know what is wrong with them or how to fix them. I'm really sorry for you and your child.Hang in there and let us know how everything turns out!
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  • Thank you for your concern. I am frustrated beyond imagination. I can't believe with her medical history they didn't bother to do anything last night. I'm waiting for phone calls from doctors this morning and hoping that they will order labwork today. One of these days we'll have our answers.
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