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12 years of pain with no diagnosis!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 10, 2007
  • 05:55 PM

I am a 29 y/o healthy female who has just ONE problem. For the past 12 years I have had an AWFUL pain behind my right eye, past my right front lymph node in my neck and down through my upper back. I have been to:
-regular doctors
-dentists (not TMJ)
-oral maxofacio surgeon
-had MRI - not cancer
-chiropractor- no abnormalities found
-massage therapist - just more painful
-MANY thyroid tests done
AND noone has been able to help me. I scared to one day get a stomach ulcer b/c I have to live on ibuprofen to control the pain. ...headaches on the right side only, tender lymph nodes, and painful/sore upper back on right side. ANYONE have ANY IDEAS of what other doctor to see or how else to figure out this PAIN in the neck (literally!). Thank you!!!

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  • Dear "Pain in the neck" LOL please visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com there you will find info to help...PLEASE read where I've posted you will begin to see what is going on here...........mommy cat
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  • you need to get an appt. with a neurologist immediately.
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  • a neurologist is probably the best way to get a diagnosis if it is ME it is neurological most, if not all your symptoms are there...I live with them daily Good Luck..mommy cat
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  • One other strange symptom .......... right now I am feeling sick and the pain progressess A LOT worse. This happens every time I have a cold or a sore throat and the ibuprofen is not taking away the pain, swollen lymph node, muscle pain and headache on the right side. Thanks for your input!!! I will try the neurologist.
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  • Honey...you are having what is called a "flare up"I get them toowhen I do...I feel like I'm dyinglike the worst flu everwhen I'm not flaring...I still have some symptoms...joint and muscle painthis is viralmakes sense you get a flu-like disease Please know that in USA we call M.E.--chronic Fatigue Syndromeour gov't doesn't recognize the neurological symptoms and call it CFS the World Health Organization still calls it MEIf you were to go to say Australia...you would be diagnosed with MEhere in the states they took the diagnostic code for ME off the listthere is only one for CFSI'm a nurse and can't even get a proper diagnosis in a country where I've dedicated my life to helping others and my father is Native American and was shot 6 times in the Vietnam war Where's the justice???? Please take hummingbird info to Neurologistmost US docs have never heard of M.E cuz in medical school, they are taught CFS.Best of luck...mommy cat
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