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10 Months Unsolved Night Sweats, Rigors, No energy

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  • Posted By: simongolding
  • August 1, 2012
  • 03:42 PM

My father is 70 years old leaving in the UK and Portugal; up until October last year he was reasonably fit for his age living an active life playing Golf three times a week.

His rough medical history is as follows:
· 15 years ago he had bowel cancer part of the bowel was successfully removed by operation and he has clear of cancer since then.
· 10 years ago he discovered he had a leaky heart valve which has been monitored once a year. An operation has not been required but blood pressure is treated with small daily doses of perindopril and aspirin.
· He has suffered with occasional kidney stones which I understand is common for those who have had bowel procedures.

10 months my father became unwell. I shall try to detail symptoms and the timeline of events.

His symptoms are:
· Chronic night sweats multiple times a night,
· Rigors, extreme chills during the day
· Chronic fatigue, walking short distances became a problem, he sleeps virtually all day.
· Weight Loss (over 2 stone)
· Loss of appetite, for everything apart from sweets, candy which he craved

His GP was unable to diagnose the problem, tried various blood tests didn’t reveal any problems no hints as to what the problem was, he was given numerous courses of anti-biotic, later testing revealed kidney stones and enlarged prostate which were both operated on quickly, the prostate with a turp and sonic treatment to break down the stones for removal.
The symptoms of illness still continued a week after his last kidney procedure he suffered a hernia which required an operation during this procedure the consultant accidentally punctured his bowel this was repaired and he had another course of strong antibiotic to prevent infection.

The symptoms of illness still continued, he was referred to two different consultants for the symptoms with no positive diagnosis eventually one of numerous blood tests taken from different areas revealed epstien barr. So it was thought he had glandular fever, he was told it would run its course.

He left the UK to convalesce in his home in Portugal still with the illness as bad as ever. 5 months ago whilst ill his bad luck continued, he was the victim of a home invasion he was almost beaten to death with a golf club. His injuries were as follows:
· 15-20 breaks to the skull facial and jaw area requiring operations with titanium plates
· Lost nearly all his teeth
· Right eye required 4 surgical operations and he never regained his vision leaving him blind in this eye
· A small brain haemorrhage

He was in hospital for a month having surgery and was constantly on a saline drip and antibiotics following the attack when he was released from hospital in Lisbon he had a short reprieve from the night sweats and other symptoms he was visibly stronger and more active. He was required to return to hospital for a final operation a last ditch attempt to save his vision in his eye, a week after this operation his symptoms returned worse than ever.

He struggled with the illness for three months when he was cleared to fly he returned to the UK to seek further treatment, blood tests were now negative for epstien barr glandular was ruled out. Whilst awaiting an appointment for a further opinion from a new consultant his health rapidly declined, I thought he was going to die so I had him rushed to hospital.
My father had suffered a small stroke and an echo on the heart revealed a infection and a large vegetation growth on the heart around his leaking valve. They are treating this with antibiotic and trying to build him up for open heart surgery to remove the growth and replace the leaking valve.

Due to the size of the vegetation growth the consultant feels the bacteria most likely entered the blood system during my father’s attack through the facial and dental injuries. If this is the case then it does not solve the underlying problem of the fact that my father suffered and was terribly ill with these symptoms for 5 months prior to the beating. The consultant cardiologist is seemingly still unable to offer any exclamation as to what is causing the original symptoms. My father still has terrible nights sweats and rigors every day in hospital.

If anyone can please help make any suggestions or have you seen a case like this before please respond.

Thank you in advance

Simon Golding

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