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Sever heart problems when using arms

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 3, 2006
  • 02:53 PM

Hi, I have finally been diagnosed with sick sinus syndrome but only by my local dr and we live on a remote island off the coast of Arnhem Land in Australia. My heart rate drops to 38bpm and averages 60bpm during normal daily activity. I also have long series of trigeminy (periods of every 3rd beat being ectopic). I have a couple of episodes of severe trouble every month, usually associated with my period as I carry more fluid. These episodes occur if I use my arms above my head or carry something a bit too heavy. If I jog or ride a bike nothing happens, only if I use my arms. When I get an episode my heart feels like jelly and there is no discernable beat, more a faint flutter. I have to fight to stay conscious and cant move at all for about 20 minutes. I can't even speak as I get so breathless. It then takes another 8 hours to recover enough to return to normal life as I am so weakened. I live in a very remote place and medical help is a long way away so I am worried that my heart will give out one day. I had complete heart failure 2 years ago after an operation as the doctors didn't notice my heart rate at 20bpm until a patient pointed out I was turning blue. I have had terrible trouble with my heart since but because I am youngish (early 30's) and appear healthy enough the doctors disregard me, pat me on the head and tell me I must have dizzy spells because I have seen something that has given me a fright. (what a load of bull). My local dr here has ecg's of my heart behaving in an odd manor and he says he has never seen a case like mine. He wants me on medication but I have read that it could cause me to go into heart failure again. I won't be taking any medication. I am wondering if anyone has any idea why I go into these terrible episodes and what they may be. My dr thinks it is my heart only doing ectopic beats but I have read that it is deadly. I have 3 young children and in the past 2 years of seeing about 35 doctors and 15 specialists, I have only found this current doctor who believes my symptoms and has documented the bizarre beats on a number of ECGs. I would love some advice and I have certainly learnt not to rely on the medical profession. (I have had a REALLY bad time with this in the past 2 years, stories to make your toes curl.) Thanks, G

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  • Hi : Im having the same problems and I have found out that when I was younger like in my teens I seemed to push myself to hard and thats why I've got that problem to. I was just wondering if you pushed yourself the same way as when you were a teen.
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    • February 26, 2007
    • 06:44 PM
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  • i would find a heart specialist i dont know where you are from, but they have things around here that can help your heart but you need to get all you ecg or ekg and send them to a heart specialist for yours and your kids sake i know its scary after my daughter i had some spells where my hear beat as low as 39 and i felt short of breath and weak mine got better on its own took a couple of months but good now so please see a heart specialist good luck
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