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Chest pain with uneasyness

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 22, 2006
  • 08:42 AM

I am a 32 yrs male and had a severe pain in the right side of chest, back and right hand a month back. I am a software programmer and now feel getting fatigued very easily and am even not able to sit for 3-4 hrs in front of the computer. I was diagnosed for this and had ECG, Colour Doppler Echo, Treadmil test and basic blood tests done. My blood tests were ok with only Lymphocytes count of 15 and MCHC of 35 only being abnormal.

My Colour Echo report says :

1. Pulmonary : Normal, PSV : 0.89/s, PR 0/4
2. Aortic : Normal. No of cusps 3. PSV 0.74/s, 1/4AR
3. Mitral Valve AML : Mildly thich & Prolapse Ewave 0.87/s Mild MR
PML : Mildly Thick Awave 0.53m/s, E/A ratio > 1, Normal Motion DT = 210 m/sec
4. Tricuspid value Normal, Ewave 0.7 m/s 0/3 TR, Awave 0.5 m/s

Is this report OK? Now I have been advised Nebicard 2.5, Zocam 0.25 and Ecosprin 2.5 once a day. Prior to this I never had any major problem and was living a healthy life, now i have started going for brisk walk in the evening for around 30 mins, other than that I have made no changes to the lifestyle and diet.

The chest and back pain has not fully gone and it recurrs two or three times a day which get's better if I take bed rest for an hour or so. I get tired very soon and am not able to go to office for continous 4-5 days. I also have a increased pulse always above 80/min between 80-86 per min. why am I not feeling well inspite of taking medications ? kindly suggest. Do I have some other problem or I am not getting diagnosed correctly ?

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  • Worried Guy,Drugs do not equate with health. You're not feeling better because the drugs are not addressing your symptoms. If your heart checks out OK, I'm going to suggest that it's work related. When I first got my computer several years ago, I had the same back/side pain issues. Hurt like ***l, went to doc and chiropractor. No help from any of them. One day my computer smoked on me and I didn't spend four hours a day on it for a week. By the end of the week, all pain went away. By the end of my first week back on the computer, the pains came back. I had a bad set up, desk too high chair back too upright, monitor too high on an elevated ledge. Fixed all that and every two hours, get up and go for a walk, make a cup of tea, check the hard mail box etc. No more pain. Worth a try. Otherwise DO get a second and even third opinion.
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    • December 26, 2006
    • 03:57 AM
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  • For many months I lived with severe fatigue, along with many other symptoms (severe heartburn, shortness of breath, pale ashen color, nausea and intermittent chest pain) without associating it as heart related. Suffering for years with chronic depression I did not take real notice of increasing symptoms until I experienced what I believed to be my 1st heart attack... of which I went to my sister's doctor for (not having one of my own for yrs) and she accompanied me. I clearly explained all my symptom, including the fact that I suffered from depression, severe fatigue, nausea & vomiting, shortness of breath, no energy, pale ashen skin, and 24/7 heartburn. The Physicians Assistant (not doctor) ordered an in office ECG (looked okay) and ordered bloodwork and a chest x-ray with a followup visit. About a week later, I returned for the results (both tests were fine) but told her I had a 2nd attack (more severe with sweating, shortness of breath, vomiting, chest pain) which lasted for more than 30 minutes. Once again, an ECG was performed and I was told it looked okay. Her diagnosis was she was 99% certain it had nothing to do with my heart... and suspected it was acid reflux of which she prescribed Nexium for the heartburn symptoms and Lexapro for all other symptoms. Having a brief history of my mental health problems, she ascertained most of my symptoms to be "In My Head" and gastro intestinal tract. Placing full faith in her judgement, I agreed to see a gastrologist about my heartburn problems. Before his scheduled appointment date, less than a week later, with continued symptom suffering... I was awakened at 3:30 a.m. with excruciating pain in both arms along with severe heartburn... which led to a 911 call & paramedics arriving...only to assess my symptoms as "A Massive Panic Attack" due to hyperventilated breathing...with the chest pain attributed to acid reflux.... but what about my exploding PAIN IN BOTH ARMS!!! I cried out...as they told me to get up and walk outside to the ambulance... THat is...until I began to exhibit the classic "Heart Attack Symptoms" and they began to administer life saving assistance as I began to pass out. It took 20 minutes to stabilize me before transporting me to the ER. Upon arrival I was wisked into emergency surgery (angioplasty & stenting) to reopen the 99% blockage that was causing an Acute MI or heart attack. Suffice it to say...I remained in hospital for 4 days, followed by heart rehab for 12 wks... monthly medicine costs, alone, exceeding $300.00 per month, congestive heart failure and worsening health problems. Just because I am a 48 yr old female who suffers from depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and a fuzzy state of mental health. However, my brother in law, who is 58 had an even worse outcome from his heart attack symptoms... who also went to a cardiologist, had stress tests, bloodwork, etc... which all supposedly came out fine... yet, 4 days later he suffered the "BIG ONE-CALLED THE WIDOWMAKER" which did not make his wife a "WIDOW" but left her with a husband who has to take 27 pills per day, has limited physical energy and was told he should "RETIRE" or work would kill him. NOW I understand why Doctors call the work they perform as: PRACTICE! Just wish I knew how many patients they leave Dead or Disabled... Before they STOP PRACTICING! It's your life....your symptoms...so keep looking for a new Doctor, whose practice... might just be the perfect place you get at the "ROOT" of your medical problems/symptoms.
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  • You sound like so many of the people that i now call my friends at msgmyth.com - dude you sound so much like you have monosodium glutamate intolerance. You have to go there you will become the controller of the symptoms - the same ones i hade for 5 years -when you do your research on msg. It is in all commercial and store bought foods. Please dont disregard this post.
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