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  • May 2, 2006
  • 00:33 PM

I suffer from adhesions from prior surgeries. C-section, then hysterectomy at age 26. I am now 36 I recently have been having unexplained stomach aches much higher than my normal abdominal pain from the adhesions. I've had an ultrasound and an upper GI, showed nothing. Wondering if the adhesions could be causing further complications in my body.

Anyone out there have any feedback?

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  • Daisy, I have no doubt that your increase in pain could be caused by adhesions. I heard from several sources that adhesions tend to get worse over time. I currently am about to have my second surgery to remove adhesions. The first time the adhesions attacked my ureter from my kidney( post c-section) and now I have adhesions on three different areas of my large intestine that resulted from the first surgery to remove adhesions and a second c- section I had a year and a half ago. (No more kids for me!) It is so depressing that the cure is also the cause! I don't think those tests you had would indicate adhesions because they usually don' t show up on those tests. Just pay very close attention to your body and write everything down. I didn't do that.( including bowel habits, not to be gross!) I thought that when the pain slowly increased after my last son was born that I could handle it, and' What difference does it make anyway? There's nothing I can do about it anyway." Well, that was BEFORE I had a partial bowel obstruction and ended up in the hospital for five days at Christmastime! Now I pay attention! Don't ever become complacent. Pain is your body's alarm system. Don't let these doctors tell you to "Just live with it!" I have actually had a doctor tell me that in so many words. I had a colonoscopy in the hospital and they had difficulty completing the test because my intestine was so kinked and distorted.That is where they figured out that it was once again adhesions. The idiot doctor actually told me that I "only had a hernia" BEFORE the colonoscopy test. I was like " Wow.....you have x- ray vision?...Cool." Then after the test he was like "Wow ...its a mess in there." Before the partial obstruction, I started having stomach problems that I never had before. My stomach was easily irritated and would burn and hurt. I thought I was just getting old or something .( I'm 34) Now I know that these are the little red flags that your body gives you.I also had a significant change in bowel habits. (constipation, and pains) And by the way,I had a doctor try to talk me into a test that is called a "virtual colonoscopy" . It costs at least 1500 dollars and is not covered by insurance. Well thank God I didnt do it, because my surgeon said it wouldnt have helped him in any way, and that in that test they blow air into your colon which distorts it to where they cant tell where a potential obstruction might occur. I am having a barium enema on Fri. that my surgeon recommended so that he can tell where the kinks,twists etc are, and basically where he has to operate ( or not hopefully). Good luck, and I hope my experience can be helpful to you. Yours ( if that is what the problem is) may not be effecting your colon, like mine is, but I told you all this because mine STARTED with stomach discomfort that ended up being something much more serious. Also, adhesions very commonly effect the intestines. Good luck! - Nancy
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  • I have had several abdominal surgeries, but now am having supra-umbilical pain and nausea after eating. Adhesions?
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