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Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Headache Pain after the procedure.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 17, 2014
  • 07:41 PM

I am in my mid-forties and about three weeks ago I had a wisdom tooth pulled from the lower left side of my jaw, if I had known then what I currently know now, I might have reconsidered the consequences of the experience. Prior to this I would very seldom get headaches and when I did get a headache it was often gone within the same day or the next. Unfortunately this is not the case now. Initially a few days after the procedure I followed the normal instructions that was given to me to help bring down swelling and initial pain and it seemed like everything was going according to the natural healing process. That was until I began to experience symptoms of what you would call the complications called “Dry Socket”, (as I have heard can occur sometimes after a tooth extraction) a condition where all or part of the blood clot gets dislodged and exposes the open nerve and bone tissue often causing mind numbing pain to the individual. I began to experience some of these symptoms but I do not know if this is actually what was occurring as the practitioner on a few visits placed a packet of special gauze and some kind of numbing product into the affected hole to quell some of the discomfort. During these few times returning to him he had said that everything seemed to be healing nicely and that he didn’t see any obvious signs of Dry Socket being present. It was only after this that I went to see my actual regular physician for the headache problems that I was having and they had officially diagnosed it as the Dry Socket. I was given a potent prescription for pain in the evening and told to take a regular Tylenol or other anti inflammatory medicines during the day and sent home with a sheet from the well known Mayo Clinic website explaining about “Dry Socket” symptoms. This discussed that headaches often appear along the affected side of the head where the extraction was done and can spread ranging from the jaw to the part of the head near the temple. This seemed understandable and obvious enough but I still have quite excruciating very noticeable pain on the left side of my face including pain that has spread to the other side of my head that feels like my head is being squeezed in a vice on both sides of my temples and makes me nauseous. Throbbing Pain so bad on the left side of my cheek in both my upper and lower gums including my teeth that has woke me up many a late night/early morning that is impossible to bare and to get back to sleep with. The pain killers work when I take them but after they wear off the pain returns and this is going on the fourth week now since my tooth has been pulled. I find it very difficult to function without some sort of pain killer throughout the day. In fact, sometimes I refrain from taking them as I do not want to develop any dependency on even the over the counter ones not to mention future major liver damage from using these drugs frequently. I know that this has to be something related to my teeth because prior to having this extraction, I also recently had a pinched nerve in my left arm that was causing numbness and the emergency room that gave this diagnosis ruled out any brain aneurysm, heart attack or stroke when they did an EKG, Cat Scan and thorough blood work. Please help, this has been a real nightmare for me as I am very worried that these headaches are not going to stop anytime soon. Have you ever heard of other patients who have experienced these same symptoms that I am having this long after this kind of procedure?



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