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Weird feeling in my head plus thyroid

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 7, 2010
  • 09:34 PM

Heres my story sorry for my grammar in advance english is not my main language alright for the last two years ive seen my energie level going down at first it was so little that i could keep doing my thing but eventualy i got to the point where i cant even go out for a walk for 5 minutes i also have add severely so with my concentration so low and my energie so low i can concentrate on the sltythiest thing take care about my meal is a disaster for me so taking care of my own situtation so since november i started to see light spot in my eyes and other glitch its also since november that my energie declined like crazy i so went to the hosptial they took blood test and found nothing they said that i had probably a viral virus so i went back home waited but things only got worse so i went back there they took my blood again and then found out that i had problem wiht my thyroid gland not sure if its hypo or the other one but they prescripted me 025 mg of synthyroid now ive seen little improvement but i still have weird feeling inmy head another thing is since a few week when i scream it gets to my head like the last time when i screamed for like 5 seconds the pressure got so hard in my head it was like if i was dying inside of my head like if everything was black it stoped after 4 seconds once i stoped to scream im extrly worried that i caused my self braind damage this hapenned atleast 5 times obviusly i now wont scream anymore but because i didnt knew it was going to happen i couldnt prevent i screamed because i was watching a sport game so i did scream but not that loud either since the last time i screamed it seem that i have trouble with making sentence like writing down this also verbaly making sentence i also keep stoping myself at thing i wouldnt before and i have a hard time understanding certain things like if i watch the game i have a hard time understand what team is what i didnt have any of these problem before november and i doutd i had the before i screamed thank in advance im disasparate for help as i have no idea what to do about this and also extremly worried that i might have damaged my braind

ho also since november i cant stand bass sound i never had that its consistend low sounds feel like a hammer smashed on my head

and the image stay im my eyes when i move my eyes quicly never had that before either

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  • i also have a weird feeling like if i was sometime feeling the blood in my head and if my head was floating im afraid that this may cause brain damage too and im quite scared
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • January 8, 2010
    • 08:06 AM
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