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is this lupus, MS, CFS or something else?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 18, 2010
  • 08:32 AM

What could be the cause of this long-term illness? And why do I get leukopenia a lot?

About 2 and a half years ago I started to have headaches and overwhelming tiredness.
I was sent for an MRI and everything appeared normal.

A couple of months later I started to suffer from recurrent infections and illnesses.

In the last 2 years I have had many infections including:
Recurrent UTI's, kidney infection, recurrent uvulitis, ear infections, recurrent thrush, lymphadenitis and cellulitis (the last 2 requiring hospitalisation).

I have also had lots of viruses, colds and flu symptoms.

On a regular basis I suffer from migraines/headaches, aching limbs, neck, shoulders and backache, numbness in arms and hands, with loss of dexterity in the fingers, fatigue, skipped heart-beats and chest pain, 'brain fog' and occasional blurred vision, occasional low grade fever. I also suffer from a lot of sores, on my mouth and in my nose, and get lots of mouth ulcers, and more recently muscle twitching, spasms and cramps.

I eat a healthy diet although I am unable to exercise due to chronic pain. I have put on 2 stone in 2 years but this may be due to lack of exercise and my age - 40 years. I have also had bouts of depression, usually as a result of being so fed up of it all.

I was referred to an Infectious Diseases Specialist about 18 months ago, and initially it was suggested that it was possibly CFS. She has run many blood tests to rule out things like thyroid, diabetes and HIV, and I have also had an ECG and cardiac scan.

Although my blood tests are usually relatively normal (apart from when I am really ill), the one thing that does crop up almost every time is a low white blood cell count. Neutropenia and leukopenia have been noted on several occasions.

I recently had another test and all was normal apart from a low absolute leukocyte count (normal range 1.5 - 4.......mine was 1.1).
As yet I still don't have a diagnosis and I am really wanting some answers so that I can begin treatment or a cure.
I am fed up of having so many illnesses and infections and feeling so ***n ill all the time, and having no idea of the prognosis.

Am I right in assuming that the reason I am always getting ill is because of the leukopenia? Or is the leukopenia a result of always being ill?
And I have read that leukopenia rules out ME, is that correct?

Does anyone have any ideas of what could be the cause?
Or any suggestions of a diagnosis?
Or can you suggest or recommend any more tests?

I would be very grateful for any assistance, thanks.

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  • chebs, I'm not sure what is wrong with you, I have cfs. It appears some, if not all cases of CFS are related to being undermethylated. This theory was posted by Rich Van Konyenburg, if you search his name you will find info. Once a person gets a 'methylation block' all sorts of things can go wrong, including fatigue and immune dysfunction. There is a great forum on this site that has a protocol that can lift a methylation block and support your mitochondria (mitochondria dysfunction is an issue in CFS). I tried this and am getting much better all the time. I had a sort of creeping CFS, gradually more and more fatigued over years, followed by a period of increased infections before an unfortunate use of a fluoroquinolone antibiotic really did me in. Please read the following links. It has a lot of information, but there is a really simple way to tell if a methylation block is part of you problem - just try some of the recommended supplements - in particular methylfolate and a reccomended brand of METHYLB12 (jarrow, enzymatic therapy) (recommended brandis necessary as mb12 is fragile and breaks down, so supplement may not actually contain it, these are used regularly by others on the forum and are known to be consistently good quality). If you try one of these and have a noticable reaction then you can be sure it is part of your issue. I would then suggest reading the suggestions and giving them a try. I am so much better now, I was unable ot work, I was unable to think (brain fog), and many other things had me in a very bad state (no life)...9 months later I am back at work and feeling so much better. I am not cured, but am healing. Good luckVelha This is the thread that describes Freddd’s protocol, please ready posts #7, 8, and 9 first (PLEASE do not post questions here, it is being maintained without discussion so the important info does not get buried in a long thread) Read the basics, http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=62327. This is the thread for discussion, post your questions here: http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?p=208934#post208934
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