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Does this make any sense? Wearing a tight hat soothes my head pain.

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  • Posted By: Blackie
  • September 10, 2007
  • 00:18 AM

I know, I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to. For about a year and a half now I have been to every doctor known to mankind for constant headaches (Across my brow), and a "head achy" feeling that flows from the top of my left temple, all the way down to my lower Jaw. The inside of my left cheek feels swollen, and I get muscle spasms right above my left ear (In the tempomandibular area).

Anyways, I find that when my head ache is getting unbearable and I can't concentrate, etc... If I wear a tight fitting hat or hoodie, it seems to help a bit to soothe the pain (Across my brow). Does anyone else get the same response from wearing a tight hat or hoodie? Could it be the warmth or pressure the hat/hoodie creates that helps???

So far I have been diagnosed with so much crap it is not even funny (TMJ, Sinisitis). All I know is I can't get a definate diagnosis or a cure, just tons of meds and tons of pain / suffering. I can no longer function normally as I can't stand noisy or crowded places anymore. Even going to a restaurant has become a mission. The lights and the noise drives me insane.

Anyways I just wanted to know if anyone gets some relief from the hat thing. Good luck to the rest of you. No one complains for no reason, this much I have learned.

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  • I'm exactly the same! If I'm right, you have Chronic Tension Headache, something I've been suffering with for five years (and I'm only seventeen). I've been getting the headaches since I was four and they became chronic when I was twelve, roughly. I put on my four year old brother's bike helmet sometimes, to get that little bit of relief- I think it's the pressure more than the warmth.The headaches are apparently caused by stress and bad posture, but I think there must be a more physical explaination as I was a very happy four year old and my posture is not too awful. I'm a bit of a worrier, they sent me to therapy (been there for two years) and put me on Valium and Citalopram for a while (as pain relievers, not anti-depressants). Horribly enough, success has been rare. I'd suggest that if things get really bad, you should take Syndol Tension Headache. It soothes the pain, but sends you right to sleep. Plus, if you take too many painkillers it can cause the headaches themselves.Excersise could calm you down and use up some adrenelin, that might help. I also like putting the shower on high and at a very high temperature and putting it at the back of my neck, but it only gives relief at the time.Suggest to your doctor that's what you've got, I'd love to hear his/her suggestions about what to do. I need all the help I can get.Sorry if I'm being too pessemistic.Amy x
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    • September 13, 2007
    • 08:48 AM
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  • Same here. Had tension headaches for the last 4 years pretty consistently. Wearing a very tight had makes me feel much better. I told my doctor once, but she didn't seem to have heard of that before.
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    • October 30, 2010
    • 07:40 PM
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  • I am the exact same way!!! I thought I was the only one who did that. It's great to know there are other ppl who've tried it with good results. I think it might be because it cuts off a little of the blood flow for a minute. Maybe changing the circulation does something to affect the headache. May not be the best idea in the world but hey when your head feels like its going to split open from the pain you'll be up for just about anything that will bring relief. Am I right?
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 22, 2011
    • 02:18 AM
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  • I have the same condition and always use hats and scarfs to put pressure on the same spot above the eyes, and it is also affecting my life more and more. I think that in my case sinuses are also inflamed and for that I use salty water to rinse out sinuses and it helps. I like the warmth too, it soothes the pain. Still, nothing really helps me and I have these migrens at least once a month and sometimes for a whole week. It has something to do with stress and tention but all in all no cure...
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  • I think this seems to be a self made remedy. Maybe its close to massaging your head when you are down with headaches. But I think you guys might be putting pressure on your head which might not be good for your health. Seeing a doctor is the best thing that you can do before it leads to something else. Go see a doc at the earliest.Yeah i do the same, and i totally agree its self-made home remedy
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  • Wow. I don't know what provoked me to google this but wow. Glad to know there are some of us out there. Whenever I get small headaches here and there I put on a tight hat, making sure the bill of the hat is placed on the area in the head where i'm feeling the pain... most likely above or right under the brow. It soothes it and it works.
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  • It does make sense. You could be suffering from a sinus headache. it feels like a sort of pressure and drowsiness more than a pain? When you apply pressure over your forehead it cancels out the pressure you're experiencing in the headache. I do it too... and it helps alot :) Ps: Im not a doctor(yet) so im just offering what I, and many others, experience.
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  • interesting. I have a problem with pressure/discomfort in the back of my head that comes on with sitting or looking down. Its been going on for about 4 years. I noticed that using chairs with headrests lessened the feeling and then tried a tight hat. I put some metal wire on the closure of a baseball cap to concentrate the pressure in the back. This makes my head numb on the outside, but reduces the distraction of the pain and allows me to sit for extended periods. In case anyone stumbles on this and has similar symptoms, I will add that I am in my 20s, slim, male, and have occasional leg pain. Aside from that, I have no other nerve or pain issues.
    yerthaw 2 Replies
    • January 9, 2012
    • 05:43 AM
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  • interesting. for the past 4 years I have been getting a pressure/discomfort in the back of my head and above where my neck joins the cranium. The feeling comes on when I am sitting or i am looking down for long periods, as one would do while working in a lab. I have noticed some relief when I sit in a chair with a head support and this prompted me to try pressing on the back of my head for relief. Recently, I have placed some wire on the closure of a baseball cap such that it concentrates the pressure into a smaller area. This offers some relief, but it also causes the outside of my head to go numb. In case anyone stumbles on this, I will mention that i am in my 20s, male, and aside from some leg pain, no other symptoms that would seem related. Also, no tingling or random nerve pain to report. I am currently trying medication commonly used for chronic tension headaches but it has only had a minor effect.
    yerthaw 2 Replies
    • January 9, 2012
    • 07:03 PM
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  • I don't know the exact medical mechanism behind this formula, but whenever I get terrible headache I try out this and the result is awesome it helps me with my pain and I feel comfortable. But I am really excited to know what is the logic behind this? Can anyone help me?
    Ammy Wats 53 Replies
    • September 3, 2012
    • 06:59 AM
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  • Today I (finally!) asked this man who lives in my neighborhood and whom I keep bumping into, why he always wears a HAT. He said he had had a car accident in 1977, brainconcussion, in hospital and in coma for two months. Afterwards chronic HEADACHES. Several years on various MEDS all the time. Then a nurse advised him to wear a HAT, not a cheap one but an expensive one. So he bought an expensive hat, started wearing it and... his headaches disappeared. When he doesn't wear one of his hats (he's got three now), his headaches recur. He also wears his hat at home, he told me. His "hat" is actually a velours hood with a brim all around. Now this man is about 60 years old, he's short, chubby and potbellied, wears tight pants (like leggings), has long grey hair. The hood makes him look just like a gnome! But at least one without headaches! Once he bought a cheap hat: it didn't work! He said he was wearing a hat of abt 88 dollars. Such an amazing story I had to google and I found this thread.
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