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Does anyone suffer Migraines that start out with almost blindness?

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  • Posted By: yuliya32
  • January 23, 2011
  • 05:15 AM

My migraines have been starting out as extremely blurry vision, almost can't see at all, after that starts to clear up I get really horrible pain in the back of my head that radiates to the front along with photophobia. It is pretty frighting, at first I feel like I'm having a stroke, not that I ever had one, but it seems like it would be something like that. I'm 29 year old and have been diagnosed with POTS.

The hospital did a CAT scan and nothing unusual was found. They said it was a complex migraine but I can't find any info on that.

Any help on what kind of migraine it is would help, and any treatment options.

Thanks so much,

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  • I too have complex migraines that start out with visual symptoms (or aura). This is actually a trade-mark of complex or complicated migraines. There actually is a lot of information out there on the internet, but it is scant, and even physicians do not agree on some of the mechanisms of action, what is really going on, and so on. I think one big problem is that many professionals try to lump complex migraine in with regular migraines or even headaches! Complex migraines can be much more complicated--that is why they are called "complex." Really, sufferers from complex or complicated migraines need their own sites. Me, for example, I don't even get headaches or much pain with my complex migraines. I just get a lot of visual aura and dizziness and numbness on my left side. Headache or migraine sites don't have much to offer me, because the talk is mainly about controlling headache and pain. I want sites that talk about how to deal with these stroke-like symptoms and how to distinguish them from when you may be actually having a stroke! Anyway, you are not alone, believe me. You have my empathy.
    Lynn v 3 Replies
    • August 11, 2012
    • 01:42 AM
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  • Migraines are terrible experience, neither it will make you to work nor you can sleep on your bed. But want to ask you, have you ever consulted any good chiropractor for migraines? Chiropractor treatment is very beneficial in migraines. I think you must consult a good chiropractor he can help you with your migraine.
    Ammy Wats 53 Replies
    • August 29, 2012
    • 07:26 AM
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