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Are these epilepsy seizures?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 21, 2014
  • 00:39 PM

Im 16 years old, i have been having these "spells" or "deja vus" since i was 6 years old or younger. I honestly cant remember. When mine happen, im either in a place where the surroundings and people seem very familiar (seen in dreams i have dreampt) and i begin to slowly space out, my sight getting kind of blurry or similar to what happens when you black out. These spells are painful, yet while i am having one its almost as if im trying to remember more and more of this "dream" so that the experience lasts longer. So i cant really say that i dislike them because the feeling i get while having one is very unusual but i get the worst head pains and get very tired and probably look high to others while i am having one. These have happened around people and they have tried to get my attention, i am aware of them trying to get my attention but i cant respond until its over. I can tell when its almost over because i slowly regain consciousness if my surroundings and my vision slowly becomes normal, but my body seems to be paralyzed for about 10 seconds after. Sort of the feeling when your leg falls asleep and it hurts to move it when blood is flowing back into it so its not asleep anymore. These seem to happen in same times of the year (a lot during christmas and summer time and some during the school year) and in the same locations a lot of times. I cant walk past the check out stands in safeway and look at the lit-up lights with the check stand number on it without having one, so i have to purposly look away. Just the other day my mom and i were in joannes and she said a sentence that was a same exact sentence she had said to me a couple nights before this happened, but i didnt go through the whole "process" of spacing out, getting headaches, or not being able to move. Sometimes ill get them when im walking, and i still space out and its like im not even the one moving my body but i am. It is very strange and i have never been told what it is and i would really like to know. This isnt something that happens two or three times a year, i get at least ten or more (probably a lot more) each year. Any info is very appreciated. Thanks!

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