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13 yr old, constant headaches, back of head- HELP!

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  • Posted By: T and G
  • March 12, 2009
  • 06:21 PM

Hello, I'm new to the site.
My son began having constant headaches at the back of the head the end of Jan. 09, upon getting strep throat. It never goes away. He has
missed over a month of school.
He has seen our chiropractor, recently a massage therapist, two dentists, oral surgeon, will see a neurosurgeon next week.
Last year he had constant bilateral ear pain, with occas. headaches and neckaches...after several Drs, ENT, ear specialist, chiropractor, pediatrician, lab work, MRI of head and neck, CAT scan of sinuses, etc, etc., by the end of '09 he got better after our chirop. discovered he had parasites (specifically roundworms). He told us that kids that grind their teeth at night, have parasites. We treated him with certain supplements and everything was resolved by the end of the year.
He was doing GREAT in Jan., then bam....back to problems when the strep came on. It seems like the headache is different now. A second MRI of head and neck is normal. Blood work for most common allergies are negative, eyes are fine, no mold in house from home tests, may try accupuncture, just started massage therapy.
I really recommend to others who may read this to check online about Stress Meridian Testing, which is a non-invasive test the chirop used to find the parasites, and candida, and it also detects toxins in the body.
Any advice for other things we can try, would be much appreciated!

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  • Does he have neck pain or stiffness as well when he get the head pain? If so I would ask the neurosurgeon if he/she thinks that occipital neuralgia is a possibility. I suffered with this for 6 years before I was finally diagnosed. From what I was told by my neurologist who has been treating me for the last year it doesn't always show up in the radiologists reports on MRIs but if you look at them and know what you are looking for you can see the nerve problem. I'm now an assistant for an orthopedic surgeon and have learned that in some cases chiropractic can cause more pain than help especially when no one knows what is going on exactly, try having him stay away from the chiropractor for a while and see if it changes anything... just a suppestion. If the neurosurgeon doesn't have an answer for you find a neurologist who specializes in headaches and go there next. Are you sure the parasites have not come back? What supplements did you use to treat the parasites? Where on his body were they?
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  • Parasites??!! weird. I have one very important question, does his hedache get better while lying down. I have the exact same HA your son does, back of head stiff neck and was diagnosed with a spontaneous cerbrospinal fluid leak. Does caffeine make him feel better? It took 5 doctors to look at an MRI of my neck before they found evidence. I had to go to Georgetown Univ and thats where they finnaly found it. If it went away it may have healed and is now open again. this things are very weird but not super rare. you may want to research this.
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  • I know a case like this. He may be reacting badly to uric acid, and may have inadequate kidney size and function. If there ever is lower back ache too, suspect kidneys.First thing in the morning he could try a urinary alkalinizer. We get a good one over here called Citro-Soda, containing sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid, citric acid and sodium citrate. Only beware, taking more than indicated or taking it close to a meal can make one feel awful. Never let him eat hot spices, especially curry. He should drink plenty fluids of course.Also try for 2 weeks to avoid all meat except fish, and to carefully avoid all yeast. Other raising agents are fine. This diet tends to help at least.
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  • Did your son in any way hit his head or have a fall from a bicycle or something like that? A fall could cause injury to the neck and alot of times that is what could cause migraines or as they are called headaches. I get pain in the back of my head and on the crown of my head but I went to neuro and he said I have 2 impinged nerves on both sides of my head + carpral tunnel - so a double whammy. Also, I have small herniations in two disks in my neck. Also, I fell off a bicycle 11 years ago, and have this going on for 11 years. My symptoms get better for months at a time and then they come back and when they do...it's hard to function every minute of the day with pain in the head. Have a nuero doctor check him or go to a neck specialist which I haven't done yet, but I might have to. I'm afraid of surgery. Good Luck!
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  • hi, my name is shelby and im 13. i have been suffering from headaches and muscle pains,. i have missed over a month of school and now on independent study. i have missed my school play, state testing, and honor roll. i dont kow what to do.theheadaches are a throbbing pressure in the bback of the head. it all started out with strep throat.. then the strep went away but i was still headaches and muscle aches. i got many tests and it all came back clear. i was refered to a neurologist but he wanted to rule out menengitis, so went got a spinal tap. it came out clear. then i was having worse headaches due to the spinal tap. i got an mri, xray, and they all came out normal. my pediatrician thinks that im depressed (totally out of question) and i have appointments with ENT, different neurologist, physical therapist, and pain manegment doctors. if you have any idea whats going on with me please help!!! thanks! p.s.i just got a copy of my medical chartand it said i have a low Bilirubin level and a high Alt level. Could this be related? Also last year i had a smililar situation around this time..turns out it was a severe sinus infection..could this be a seasonal thing? please help!!:eek:
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  • Shelby, sinusitus doesn't give muscle pain and should not give pain at the back of the head. I think it is digestion related, something you eat. You can try, for 2 days or more, to eat only fresh organic veggies cooked in water with some salt, and drink only plain water. No oils, milk products, sugar, meat, coffee etc. See if it improves even a little bit, then you know.
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