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  • May 10, 2010
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I'm now 34 year old female and suffering from all the symptoms that everyone is explaining for the past 7 years. It was really sever the first 4 years. As time has passed it's gotten better. For instance, I use to feel sick 5 day out of 7 day out of the week. That means I would only have a total of a week of feeling normal in a month. I learned to cope with it and just take Advil, Excedrin, zaycam, allergy med, previcid in hopes that something would help. Now I only feel ill 5 days out of the month but of course there are months that it's 10 days out of the month.

I've been to at least 10 doctor and all say I'm the healthiest person. I do not smoke and am a social drinker which I started drinking socially at 24 years of age. I was very active in sports and dancing but now with all the ailment, it has cripples me and I do not always enjoy my life. The following symptoms are as followed;

• Nauseous, constipation, headache, stiff neck, stomach ache, spinal pain, pain on the back right side of my ribs and only when I take a deep breath, dizziness, fatigue, blurred vision, water eyes almost a feeling of having allergies, pressure in the front of my neck almost feels like I swallowed a marble that is stuck in the front of my neck, slow concentration, feeling of being dumb, comprehension is slow.

Keep in mind that I have been to several general doctors, neurologist, rheumatologist, eye nose throat dr, gastroenterologist, audiologist, chiropractor, and have had CT, X-Ray, MRI, had a stomach scope, a cap to read the brain functions, full blood work, and a cardiogram. Every test came out negative and most of the doctors would say “you have the healthiest XYZ that I've ever seen" but I would say back to them, "BUT I FEEL SICK".

I too was told to take meds for anxiety and depression. This made me feel like they were saying I was making my illness up. I took them for about 2 months and no relief. Another doctor said it could be stress and that she doesn't doubt I'm having these illnesses but everything came back negative and there is nothing she can give me other than meds for anxiety and depression.

Now my break through...I'm not saying it will help everyone but as I know I've been searching for an answer and any help. I'm hoping this will help someone else. Just a week ago I had all my symptoms come back in full force. I could deal with the dizziness, but the back pain, the stiffness and pain on the left side of my neck and the nauseating feeling, almost like a feeling of being over full or a soft ball stuck in the middle of my stomach was killing me. A friend, who is a physical therapist, gave me a foam roll, and heating pad. I used the foam roll for about an hour on my back and used the heating pad for 30 min and still not much relief. Like always, it's nothing new that I don't get relief. Then I remember my friend telling me to stretch if I feel tight. My body was super tight for the last week because of going to the gym so I decided to stretch out AGAIN. I stretched for a long time and very aggressively. My legs and lower back were especially tight. Keep in mind I'm not a flexible person AT ALL. After stretching out for about 30-40 min and no relief I just decided to go to bed. My neck was still on fire so I lay down on my bed with two pillows underneath my neck and out of frustration and pain that I had been feeling for the last 3 days. I slowly stretched out my neck by using my right hand and pulling my neck to the right keep in mind I was laying down with two pillows under my neck. I kept pulling more and more too where it was stretching it with some pain and all of a sudden....there was a POP in the high part of the middle of my back. The only thing I can say is that one vertebra popped into place. (Look at these site..your will see the start of the vertebrae in blue. That is where, more or less, is where I felt the pop. http://www.gillytherapy.com/img/vertebrae.jpg ~OR ~ http://www.temple.edu/crafts/public_html/mjcc/local/gallery/student/cad_work/epstein_vertebrae1_600_800.jpg first or second vertebrae) IN AN INSTANT, the softball, the feeling of over full, nausea that I was feeling for the last 3 days started going away INSTANTLY. I felt the middle of my stomach moving downward and relaxing. I even felt as if my intestines were moving into a comfortable place. I no longer feel sick!!! I thanked the Lord that at least I now know that this helped. My back is now not as irritated or in pain. I still have a stiff lower back. I don’t have a stiff neck but still feel a bit dizzy but not as bad. I don’t feel as tired and had a great night sleep.

Now I'm thinking it may be a few pinched nerves that are causing all these illnesses. Maybe some time in my life my spin was compromised by sports or minor car accidents that I've had or roller coaster rides. Not sure how I got this way but with a small break through gives me hope.

So what I would do is, use a heating pad (http://www.sz-wholesale.com/uploadFiles/heating_pad_995.jpg), then use a foam roll (http://kettlebellstrong.typepad.com/.a/6a010536abe23b970c011570112257970b-800wi) , stretch out (http://www.mybackdr.com/neckstretches.gif, http://thefuntimesguide.com/images/blogs/chiropractor_stretches.jpg) and if the foam roll happens to pop your spin or the stretching pops your spin, you might just get relief. Maybe going to a chiropractor but I have gone to a chiropractic and either felt a bit better or worse. Need to find a really good chrio I guess. I've also ready about to going to a Osteopath Dr., I have never tried this type of doctor.

A few side notes:

I am not flexible. I can barely touch my toes so maybe why I have spinal issues but not sure.

I use to crack my neck myself in my early 20's and one day I couldn't crack my neck myself.

I have honorable posture. I have the worst posture when I feel sick.

If you've done or have these things please mention it in your posting. I'm just curious.

Please, Please, Please, if you have had a small or large break through POST IT. I almost didn't post this because I felt lazy but it would be an injustice to everyone not to post something that would help people who are frustrated, had cried and yelled for help.

Good luck and God bless everyone with this illness.

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  • Thank you so much for this post. I have had a lot of these symptoms for the past 5 or so years, on and off. I didn't realise that it could be my back/neck until i went to a new chiro last night and he said that if your neck/back is out it cause cause nausea etc. I feel a bit better now, not 100% but i'm hoping after a few sessions to get there.Thanks for your post, it's great to know i'm not alone in all this!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 5, 2010
    • 04:07 AM
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  • Bit of a long shot, but kinda hoping the opening poster or someone with a similar experience who's found a cure or at least some relief can help. I'm going through the same thing and have been for about 6 months now. Had CAT, MRI of brain, blood work etc all done. Doctor thinks its tension headaches but like you guys that doesn't explain the dizziness, random onset of nausea, feelings of dumbness and confusion and all round vagueness and all the rest. I was initially diagnosed with encephalitis (swelling of the brain due to infection) Lol but it can't be that because the symptoms are still the same today as they were 6 months ago, they just fluctuate a little more in severity. So the question is, how are you feeling now, 3 years from your breakthrough? I'd love to know as I've a slight suspicion my neck is the cause as I've had a few minor neck injuries growing up and whenever I give my neck a good 1 min stretch and massage it relieved the symptoms massively but sometimes makes me feel worse and increases the pressure in my head and behind my eyes and makes me more dizzy and vague.Thanks!
    rpalmer92 1 Replies
    • December 3, 2013
    • 01:48 AM
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