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Someone in my head

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 15, 2010
  • 07:46 PM

I feel scared, an it feels like there is someone in my head or to my left for some reason, outside of my body, scaring me all the time. Sometimes i'll look at my girlfriend or myself in the mirror and get scared for a second, I know who the people are, but for a second it feels like I don't and that triggers a wave of fear. I get extremely sad, or angry, or scared. I've dealt with anxiety/depression most of my life....But i've NEVER felt this before, i've never felt like someone else is in my head.

For the past month I've been having muscle twitches non stop....abdominal issues/chest pain....pain/bloating/diarrhea. For the past few days most of the pain has went away and everything seems to be located in my head. It seems like my short term memory is affected, i'll be laughing at a joke someone made, then when I stop my emotions just seem dead and i'll be like completely neutral. I'm really spacey and can't concentrate at all, I have to read most things a few times for them to sink in.

The worst is this brain fog, which is accompanied by a headache i've had for 3 weeks. Also the general sick feeling, like i'm about to get sick, i can feel it in my stomach and all over my body. Really fatigued too.

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  • Please be tested for Lyme Disease right away! I've had all your symptoms for years and was finally tested positive for Lyme. My doctor and I were blown away, for I never saw a tick or the typical bullseye rash. I HIGHLY recommend everyone become familiar wth this disease and the misinformation out there: 1) First off, you don't need to go hiking in the woods to be bit by a tick, and they can be in your own backyard, ballfields, etc. 2) Almost all states have reported Lyme, and you can't rely on the CDC's underreporting (According to them, Virginia Beach has few cases, but many locals tell of knowing somebody here who has contracted Lyme, and our newspaper has confirmed the disease is spreading and multiplying here.). I urge everybody to become aware of this terrible disease that can mimick many other diseases, including autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, and heart problems. Furthermore consult the ILADS website because many doctors who aren't familiar with Lyme don't know which tests to order or how to properly treat this tricky disease.Best of luck, and don't ever give up on trying to find answers!
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