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Nosebleed nightmere

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 22, 2006
  • 06:35 PM

Ever since I was little I got frequent nosebleeds and nobody ever thought anything of them. When I was about thirteen or fourteen, however, I got one that wouldn't stop. It bled for an hour and a half before I was admitted to the hospital. It clot in my nose, but didn't stop bleeding. The clot got so big you could see it bulge on the outside. It hurt and caused pain in my head as well. Laying back was the worst solution. The blood went right down my throat causing me to gag and caugh up blood. Ever since then, it has happened at least every five or six months at that intense level. The clot that forms is very painful and once went down my throat and back up again when I gaged. Afterwards I always feel week from blood loss and at the same time feel sick from swallowing that much blood.

Doctors say it is a ruptured artery and I have had carterizations more times than I thought possible for one person to have. They also seem to start randomly. I could be sitting and not moving or I could be giving my all on the tennis court or painting peacefully or riding horses through the desert. It is so inconsistant that it will start any time. I don't pick my nose and I do not have allergies. The last time it happened, I was admitted to three different hospitals because nobody knew what to do... and it was my birthday, too. :(

If anybody has any ideas as to what it might be, or how to help it stop or lessen, please help me! I am going to move away from my family in a year, and I don't want it to happen after I leave. (I am open to anything, including homeopathic solutions.)

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  • Had the same problem two times last month and rarely ever have nosebleeds....Nose started trickling and then an unstoppable flow that was clogging my nose,my throat, and me being on oxygen the cannula clogged up too.....In other words I was not getting any air at all...finally choughed up enough congealed blood to get air started and kept very busy spitting blood so the air could move. Scared the ***l out of me so took my first ambulance ride to an ER and they messed around a long time pinching my nose, (allready tried that and didnt work) eventually they packed it full of pressure and gauze, sent me home to see my doc next day, finally got to an ENT and had it caurterized....One week later it happened again (lucky me) so this time NO AMBULANCE just jumped in the car went to a different ER ; had it caurterized again with no problems............I also drew blanks when asked what I should do if it happens again....garyTX
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  • I had what I call my $7000 nosebleed in April--I have lousy insurance. The first nosebleed in my life. I had to go to two emergency rooms as it lasted 28 hours. (I just bent over to feed my cats.) I first stuffed paper towels up the left and bleeding nostril, then it came out the right side. I stuffed the right side and it came out my mouth. The first emergency room and doctor simply packed my nose and through the night it bled through the packing. The next morning we headed for my regular Dr.'s office and he said to go to the emergency room where I had my nose cauterized with silver nitrate and packed--after fooling around there about 6 hours, and I was sent home. We got about 4 miles from the hospital when it started coming out of my mouth again so back we went. By then the ENT was called and he said they'd do surgery that night. I was admitted, then had surgery at 8:00 that evening. They again cauterized my nose, this time with what I call a soldering gun (heat) and had my stomach pumped out because of all the blood. Next morning I was sent home. They say I needed to keep my nose moist with antibiotic creme and use saline. I used saline spray until my nose was raw so quit that, but still occassionally put the cream in both nostrils when it starts feeling dry.
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  • I have had nosebleeds ever since I was a child and had both nostrils cauterized as a teenager. Was tested - have problems with coagulation. Now I am 52 and thanks to the cauterizations I now have a "perforated septum" huge whole in the cartlidge of my nose which is getting bigger and can cause the top/bridge of my nose to collaps. They told me it's because of the cauterizations which destroy the cartlidge in the nose (the deviding wall) The cartlidge gets damaged and "dies" after a while because of the lack of blood to the damaged area, which can cause a whole. I live in Sweden and they said that they avoid doing cauterizations here anymore because of that reason. So talk to your docts and see if they can give you some medication that can make your blood clot better instead if that's the poblem...
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    • October 14, 2006
    • 09:35 PM
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  • I too have nosebleeds that are somewhat difficult to stop...averaging once per day.
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  • The last few days i had a nosbleed. One day i was watching tv and whiped my nose and their was blood. Then the next morning when i woke up when i sneezed 3 or 4 times their it was again. I am probably going to the doctor because if it happens a third time their is a problem. Some people say to help it stop you can tear a peice of tampon off and put it in your nose to soak up the blood but pinch your nose with a napkin on the soft parts so it doesnt get bad. If you bleed from both noses call 911 immediatly because u broke a vessel in the back of your nose. Good luck to all of you and pray i dont have another nosebleed
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    • August 18, 2007
    • 01:46 AM
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  • I've had nosebleeds since I was little, too. They used to be just when I was about to come down with a cold, but when I was about 11, I started getting them every day. I had a really bad one in junior high that lasted about 2 hours, and was gushing out so much that I was choking on the blood, even though my head was bent over the sink, letting it all go down the drain. Sometime after that, I started having the nosebleeds less frequently, now I'm in my 20s and I only get them once or twice a week unless I'm sick. Today I am a bit sick, and I just got done with my third nosebleed of the day. Ugh! I get them everywhere, in class, at work, walking to my car, etc. I just had to get drug tested for a new job, and as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, my nose started bleeding, so I had to sit out in my car, waiting for it to quit, hoping that it would stop before the deadline. Doctors have said it's allergies, or dry air, but I've tried humidifiers and allergy medications. Some people say it's high blood pressure or anemia, but I'm in great physical condition, I don't have anemia, my blood pressure is normal, or slightly low, I eat great and exercise regularly. Does anyone have any more ideas? I would love to end these nosebleeds once and for all!As to ending individual nosebleeds...I've tried all sorts of methods from cayenne pepper to a petroleum jelly-coated cotton ball. The best thing for me is to put my head forward and pinch the nostrils shut so the blood isn't squirting out everywhere. Then at the right time (I can only know when from years and years of experience), I tip my head up to it's normal position, and blow my nose. A big clot will come out, and within 5-10 mins, it is usually over. It sounds backwards to blow the clot out, but if I don't, it will just keep dripping forever. It still doesn't work every time, but it does most of the time. You don't have all that blood going down the back of your throat, burning it, you lose less blood, and it is usually shorter than just sitting there, waiting it out.
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