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give me a break

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 5, 2011
  • 06:05 AM

So i have read through over 100 of these posts, i have become so frustrated and desperate. It looks like there may be over a thousand posts from people all over with these same symptoms, but yet no one has been diagnosed, please if you are reading this and you get diagnosed positively and have a solution please come back to this website and post it! i have spent thousands of dollars on ER visits, chiropractics, physicians, massage, pills, vitamins, pillows,neck massagers, gym memberships...I had a chiropractor for some time who made me feel better than i had felt in my whole life! then she retired, sold her business to some quack who she told me i could trust, and it has been a nightmare ever since! here are my syptoms
-pain in the base of my skull on left side
-stiffness in neck/restricted movement
-also feel bumps on that side on the base of skull that were never there before.
-Headaches 2-4 times per week(have become more frequent) that dont go away until i sleep (if i can fall asleep) pressure as if someone has my head in a vice, and like a hammer has been swung into the back of my neck
-pain usually slowly moves from shoulders/neck to base of skull all the way up to forehead behind eyes
- Short term memory loss...in conversation cannot remember simple words often. Blank spots
- dream like state as if i might not be awake
-questioning myself, is this real? am i going crazy?
- Guilt feeling for no reason...mentioned in a early post which i can totally relate to
- weird vision like i have to look a few times to comprehend what i am seeing.
-Foggy feeling---
-constantly feel foggy
-spaced out- indecisive
- feeling in ears like they need to be popped, i clean them out and get that same watery fluid as previous post...might be normal?
-occassional numbness in hands, fingers, feet legs arms, one time my left leg had stabbing pains and was numb and tingly down to my foot for hours with lower back pain.

I have had a lot of trauma to my spine i know that. roll over car accident--so whiplash, other falls bangs..etc.
dentist says i have tmj and need a mouth gaurd for at night, havent gotten it. but although i have jaw pain it doesnt seem as prevolent as in neck...and insurance does not cover that. I think i may go bankrupt trying to feel like a normal person! still dont have a diagnosis. Chiropractor said i have scoliosis and arthritis in the neck...physicain said neck xrays looked normal, er dr said tension headache, massage therapist said nerves possibly, said my rib was out probably from bad chiropractic adjustment..
i cannot live like this i am 25 years old! i think of not wanting to live anymore when the pain comes out of nowhere, just when i think i have done something to help...drink more water, excercise, vitamins, eat healthy, rest, massage, chiro...I have been prescribed pain killers that do not help the pain jst takes the edge off at times, but sometimes increases pain, the last week i have tried them cause i cant live with the pain, and it makes the fog so much worse! i cant think i cant live, i cant have normal relationships! i have become a hermit because i am embaressed that i cannot put thoughts together and i feel awkward a lot like i do not feel the same as other people.

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