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Excruciating Jaw Pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 5, 2006
  • 03:12 PM

Help! I have extreme jaw pain that radiates through the whole right side of my face, especially in my back teeth (upper and lower) and extends behind my ear, to the back of my head. Thinking it was something to do with my teeth, I saw my dentist, who took Xrays and did a series of tests, finding nothing. He insists that it's my sinuses (since it's allergy season), but I've had many sinus infections, and the pain is dull and in a different place. The pain was so bad yesterday, that I had to go to the ER and they gave me Vicodin (yuk!). Please, if anybody has had similar or has any ideas. The pain comes and goes and lasts between 15 minutes to 3-4 hours.
Thanks, Chris

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  • I don't know if the cause for your symptoms is the same as mine but i will say that you are probably clenching tightly at night and are unaware of this. I clenched and became aware only at 32 when I had been doing it since two or three years old. I have the same pain you describe and what it was for me was unexpressed grief and tightly held in anger. I took a homeopathic remedy based on my particular constitution and i have finallly noticed some relief. I suggest you consult a homeopathic physician and also do some kind of healing work. If you are clenching you probably have a strong will and may not be open to it, but until I worked on the deep pain in my heart which expressed itself as tension- very painful in my jaw and face, I was in pain for years. My face was also tight and rigid. On Saturday and today I woke up with my jaw completely relaxed. The healing work I have done has loosed some of the repressed emotions and i've expressed the grief allowing my subconscious to truly rest at night. Ask yourself if you are clenching at night and how your dreams are if they are anxious if you cannot figure them out or they are bizarre perhaps you need to release some things so your sleep is more peaceful. The sinus issues would relate to this condition because allergies and sinusitis are reactive diseases from overwrought emotions.
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  • Wow! I wanted to cry when I read these testimonials. I have been going through this agonizing pain for quite some time now. I also went to the doctor and he painfully jabbed every molar I had left. The pain is most frequent in my right mandible. I, too, had my wisdom teeth taken out, and I think it just became worse. Sometimes the pain is so bad that I become sick to my stomach and vomit. The worst part is that I need to eat food with my pain killers or they make my stomach worse...but you all know (I'm sure) that chewing is not an option. The maxilofacial surgeon diagnosed me with TMJ, but the symptoms just don't fit. I have tried inflamatory, allergy, and pain medication along with a mouth guard to no prevail. I think my family began to doubt that I was truly in the type of pain that I was in. It happens more frequently now, and I am taking more pain medication than I think is healthy. I am getting an appointment with a maxilofacial pain/trauma specialist, and I will let you know what I found out. I found some diagnosis' that might be of interest to you: Myocardial Infarction, Sinusitis, Hypocalcemic Tetany, Ludwig's Angina, (of course TMJ), and Osteomyelitis. I just can't put up with this pain anymore. It happened again last night and my pain tends to last all night long. It comes with restlessness, nausea, palpitations and so on. If anyone finds out anymore, please inform me! Thank you so much, and good luck!
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  • Wow! I felt like crying when I began to read these testimonials. It feels like you are telling my story! The pain began quite a while ago. I figured I needed to have my wisdom teeth removed...and the pain just became more frequent. It was to the point that I became sick to my stomach and would vomit from the pain. I needed to take pain medication, but it hurt my stomach without eating first...and we know chewing at this point is not an option. The pain is just rediculous. I think that after going through this...childbirth would be a breeze! Throughout the pain my teeth seem to swell and shake. It hurts all the way up into my tmeple and behind my eye. The pain is primary located on my right side and begins in my mandible. I don't think my family understands how much pain I am really in. The pain wakes me up at night and can last far into the next day. I have gone to my dentist, my doctor and even the maxillo-facial surgeon who performed my widom-tooth surgery. None of them have been able to fight off the pain. I have tried pain killers, allergy meds, mouthguards...you name it I've tried it. I am going to go to a maxillo-facial pain/trauma center to get further diagnosed. For those of you who are just beginning to research your jaw pain, I have some diagnoses that you might be interested in: Myocardial Infarction, Sinusitis, Hypocalcemic Tetany, Ludwig's Angina, (of course TMJ), Osteomyelitis and Trigeminal neuralgia. I will let you know what I find out. Please keep me posted on your findings. I am sorry you all have to deal with this too. I hope you have better luck finding a cure quickly!-Mallory
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  • Hi,Not sure where to begin. It will be 3 years of rightside facial, teeth, head and neck pain. I have been to 23 different Drs. and specialists. It all started with a cold/sinusitis. After that it was the worst pain of my life for 1 1/2 years, including muscle spasms, sharp shooting pains, ear ache and it felt as though my glands were swollen. I had to stop eating because every bite would make it worse as well as almost whisper because the vocal sounds made it wosre as well.. I had cts, xrays, mris, etc. I was put on many different medications. None took the pain away. Painkillers would not touch the pain either. The only thing that seemed to cover the pain was novacaine. I eventually found a Facial/pain TMJ specialist who was the only Dr. who really was treating me and wanted me off the medications. I had several mouth pieces, palpations, and triggerpoint injections. He also had me see a chiropractor who specializes in TMJ at the same time. During this time I was retreated on one tooth with 2 root canals. They found an extra canal in a new mri machine that reads for this at UCLA. One of the root canals took 12 hrs total. The pain was still there and I pleaded to remove the tooth. The DRs. said if it is removed the pain may still be there as the nerve will still keep firing. Had it removed and they were right. Still paining. They also found that I had Trigeminal neuralgia so I had the gamma knife surgery at Hoag Hospital. This has helped some, but I still have so much pain in the teeth, which in turn sends it to the temple. We then discover something call NICO Lesions. There are a handfull of Drs. in United States that will treat this. I had the test and for sure enough I had 2 nico Lesions on the right side. Basically what this is: infection in the jawbone that will not go away with medicine. It has to be scraped out and they replace with new bone that they grow in a lab. So I had the cavitation surgery to see if this would take the pain away. They tested the bone they removed and it was very toxic from old silver fillings and having the root canals. Nico lesions are caused by dental work. I still have pain in my teeth as of now. I go back to another endodontist who this week did 2 root canals on the right side to see if it will help. This has been the worst pain problem. I know everyone is different and every case is special. I had some drs. say I would have to live with it. I did very often want to say goodbye to it all, but my husband has helped me through this agony. I am in my 30s and they say that Trigeminal neuralgia mostly hits people in their 60s. I can't give up the fight. I left my job in Dec. to concentrate on trying to get this pain to go away. I want my life back. I want to say that it has been financially hard because medical insurance will not cover TMJ , which is ridiculous!!!!! Anyhow, I want you to know that if you have any questions I will try to help answer them. With all my experiences with the drs. maybe I may offer something to you. I will say my pain level is much lower that it was starting at a10 and coming down to a 4 and sometimes it goes up and down.. If you live in Los Angeles or not I can give you my Dr.s name who has been the only Dr. out of the other 22 Drs. who has stuck by me and has helped in so many ways. He truly wants to help his patients. I will keep you posted. I'm right there with all of you who have been suffering.
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  • Guys i dont know am feeling happy or feeling sorry for you guys too. i too have this pain in my jaw upper and lower along with ear which spreads to my entire left side of head.I have sinusitis and paid a lot to my dentist he treated nearly 10 tooth on my left side nd now he feels it might be related to sinuses .Please give a detail if anybody got correct treatment and relief for this problem.earlier i used to get this during nite time now i am suffering in day time too..
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  • I'm really glad to have found this thread and realize that I am not alone with this lower jaw pain.  I have had it off and on for three years.  When it strikes, it is all-consuming and definitely interferes with the quality of my life.  After visiting the dentist (one root canal), the endontist (two more root canals on the same tooth), the oral surgeon (one extraction-same tooth), the dentist concluded it is not teeth related and I should try acupuncture. Like another poster on this site, I had had significant dental work prior to this starting to happen.  I went to the doctor and they suggested I go to the dentist.  Getting a little frustrated.  Here is what I have noted: better in the morning, can be worse depending on angle of my head, amoxicillin works most times to clear it up, sometimes my lip goes tingly and numb, pain is all consuming although Advil (anti-inflammatory?) helps.  This week I noticed that my sinuses always seem to act up at the same time. It was notable this week because I have a full blown sinus infection.  Perhaps the amoxicillin is addressing sinusitis and that's why it is working.  I'm off to the doctor again to request treatment for chronic sinusitis.  Wouldn't it be nice if that cleared this up for good.  Will let you know what happens.  Quite literally, I feel your pain!
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    • October 30, 2013
    • 03:10 AM
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