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Debilitation symptoms, no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 1, 2007
  • 00:57 AM

I'm a 20 year old male and for years have been suffering from ongoing symptoms of an unknown cause, most deriving from my head. I lived with them for a while, thinking maybe I was just a woos or psycosomatic. The last few months it has been getting worse, and is right now completely debilitating, I'm too dizzy and lightheaded to even drive. If you can relate, or have heard of, or have any idea about anything, please help.

Constant Dizziness
Constant Light-headedness
Chronic fatigue
Lack of concentration
Frequent urination/bowell movements
Excessive sleep (10 hrs a night)
Mild-moderate headaches
Low blood pressure when standing from sitting or lying position
Worsening of symptoms with physical exertion

I've had many tests done like a Complete Blood Count, Urinalysis and a few others from an endocronologist. These have ruled out the most probable disorders such as, diabetes, anemia, thyroid disorder, hormone deficiency, and others. I'm currently taking Florinef which is meant to help raise blood pressure and circulation, but it isn't working.

If you know of that could help I would really appreciate.



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  • wow i have had the same problems but with out the blood pressure. Ive had the same problems for almost a year now. im on my ninth doctor right now and im actully going back to her tomarrow. every doctor has found nothing but high calicium about 4 weeks ago i went to my 2nd endocrinoligist and the first vist he said you have EVERY symptom of a tumor and i was sent for a systambi scan and from the research i did it was for the thyroid glands ( the doctor didnt really explain things)and was sent for another 24 hour urine test and blood test but my next vist he said my calcium is normal but i just always have high calcium. i asked about the scan he said it was negative. i dont know if i have a tumor somewhere else or what. he said my vit d was low so he gave me a prescription to take once a month of vit d. ill try to let you know if i find anything tomarrow but this all just sucks they dont have a CLUE ive had doctors ask me if im on drugs and ive had doctors tell me imdepressed.
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  • Hi, I have already made a post under dizziness and fatigue - read it if you can find it. I have similar symptoms. Man does it suck. I can only recommend that you start to go to some natural therapists. I hope you don't just think I am some hippy going all airy-fairy on you. I believe in pranic healing as it has helped me somewhat. It is not cheap though and the second best thing to that I think is learning chi-kung - to get your energy right. Chi-kung is not hard to do - even if you have fatigue. Find the right insturctor and class for you - they differ alot. If you learn a few moves you can do them in your garden at your liesure. I find it helps. Also find a very good herbalist and get a concoction just for you and your symptoms. It will detox you, make you ill but ultimately it should help. Drink stacks of water - constantly. Learn to meditate. This is possibly not the response you are looking for. Please try some of these things and be patient with them. You have to search for what will help you.
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  • i replyed yesterday after my doctors appointment nothing new as of now . dont know why it didnt show up . pummy thanks for the help ill look into it and give it a try right now ill do anything thanks again i appreciate it!
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  • I would like to ask you about your diet. The symptoms you describe sound like candidiasis-an imbalance in the intestinal flora in your system. Candida albicans is a type of yeast which lives in all humans. There is a potential for it to become a pathological invader when the intestinal flora we have lacto-bacillus and others is not sufficient to keep the yeast in balance. In Western society, antibiotics have caused widespread candidiasis by wiping out not only the "bad bacteria" but also the probiotics essential to health and well-being. Many people suffer from this and have been helped I suggest you read the book by William Crook The Yeast Connection and you will be helped significantly. if you do not have candida problems you will be steered to other avenues of help available.
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