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constant headache for over a year!

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  • Posted By: photo-insight
  • April 17, 2007
  • 09:44 AM

About 1 year ago I woke with what felt like a severe hangover (except I hadn't been drinking) and since then have been suffering daily headaches and numbness to the right side of my head with the following symptoms:-

Numb feeling above and behind my ear and to the back of my skull.
Sometimes a stabbing pain in my right temple.
Occasionally a tingling feeling down the right side of my face
After initial diagnosis of tension headache I was prescribed amotryptaline which has been gradually increased to 60mg.
Eventually I was referred to a neurologist who did a physical examination, agreed with the tension headache diagnosis and refused me a scan.
Since then my symptoms have roughly remained the same and only occasionally feel worse, but they are ever present on a daily basis.Please could anyone out there with similar symptoms or any knowledge of what may be the cause, please respond to this message..... I will be grateful for anything that will help me find a solution.

Many thanks, Dave.

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  • This sounds similar to episodic cluster headache, although that's usually in patterns. You could be overusing medication, alcohol, or you may even need glasses. I suffered once with a permanent headache for about 200 days, it was faint but it was there and it turned out to be nothing. You could be worried or anxious about something even if you're not, it could just be in your subconcious mind. It could be a tension headache and if it is then you should see your doctor about using Magnesium salt, as it has been reccomended for paediatric tension headaches. If you are;Vomiting or you have a headache which is usually worse in the morning, on coughing or exertion, and nausea then it is best to go back to see your doctor and tell them absolutely everything as these can be signs of a brain tumour. Other signs to look out for are: Fits or faintsVisual disturbancesConfusionNumbness or weakness on one side of the bodyLoss of coordination or balanceChanges in personalityLoss of intellectChanges in senses, such as smellProblems with speech, writing or drawing. Although never get yourself worried or thinking things as this will only cause even more problems for yourself and more than likely it will turn out to be something that isn't serious. But it is best to look out for any one of those symptoms. Another thing is you could also have a problem with your sinuses. I wish you well.
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  • Excellent points, Clou. I would add the following: Are you drinking at least 6-8 glasses of pure water each day? This doesn't include other drinks. Do you drink a lot of caffeine? Do you live in a basement, or could there be a possible environmental cause for your headaches? Low grade carbon monoxide poisoning comes to mind...please get this checked to rule this out. Lastly, I would recommend trying acupuncture to help with your headaches...it is very effective. Best wishesDOM
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