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Chronic Headaches since 1996

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  • Posted By: markofkane
  • August 28, 2007
  • 01:09 PM

I am a 43 year old male.

I was under a lot of stress, working in a fast-food place. I lasted 6 years, and noticed as I was working, the bump in the back of my neck would feel like it was burning. It was a burning pain, but I was able to tolerate it.

Time went on, and I had to quit. The pressure was too much.

I took to my bed, and stayed (Yes, I was diagnosed with clinical depression years later)

I noticed out of bed, if I went anywhere, especially for a long time, (or drank beer) I would get a piercing headache. When I am out, I have no access to a cool, dark, quiet room, so the pain is so bad, I throw up. I feel somewhat better, especially if I make myself throw up. That helps get rid of the nausea.

And I break into a sweat, and need to have a cold room to lay down in, the colder the better. Meanwhile, the headache has me writhing in pain. It usually starts on my right side, below my scalp, and above my eyebrow.

It sometimes starts on the left. Even if the pain goes away on one side, it will start on the other.

My doctor calls it a migraine, although I don't have visual symptoms, except light makes my head hurt worse.And physical activity of any kind.

My headaches can come on all of a sudden, or after eating or drinking.

They are more frequent in humid weather, or when there is a storm coming (hours before the stoem) I don't always get a headache, but most of the time I do.

And, it seems to happen in cycles. I can have a week or 2 of few headaches, and then I will get a week of daily headaches.

If I go to bed in a dark, quiet cool room while the headache is mild, it usually goes away. Sleep is usually the cure, although sometimes I will wake up with a headache.

The Doctor has tried various medications, and imitrex spray works, but not always. Sometimes sinus medications work, and sometime they do not.

I've tried all of the over the counter meds, and Excedrine Migraine worksthe best, although it does not always work.

Anyway.,I am sick of these headaches, I wish there was a cure besides death.

Also, my CAT scans of my head revealed no abnormalities.

And I have been diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome, and tried electro therapy for that, and it did not help. I even went a chiropractor, and it seemed to help. But I still get these debilitating headaches.

I cannot drink much or any alcohol, because that will bring on a headache.

I am allergic to wheat and egg whites, at least that is what my allergy tests revealed. But I cannot avoid those products, without a radical change in my diet. I don't have any allergy symptoms that I am aware of.

It seems to me, if my headaches were a reaction to an allergy, I would get it all the time, and that Benadryl would help.

I haven't been able to enjoy life away from home much since 1996.

No use in making plans for trips, because I will get a bad headache.

Oh, I will tell you some other details:

1. I get sore spots on my scalp, and neck pain sometimes.

2. Hitting myself with my fist or other hard object on my scalp seems to stop the headache pain for a short time. Then the headache pain returns.

3. HOT showers seem to alleviate the pain, sometimes a lot, sometimes not much. But the pain may return after my shower. One day, I took 4 hot showers!!!!

4. I don't seem to get headaches as often in the Winter. when it's cold.

5. I am sensitive to heat (I can take hot showers, though) and sweat profusely sometimes. I can take cold weather a lot better.

I don't know if I provided enough info, I am very over-weight, but I wasn't when the headaches began.

I just wish there was a cure.


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