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started as back issues, gallbladder then carpal tunnel

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  • Posted By: kmay1967
  • September 29, 2008
  • 07:44 PM

I am 44 years old and 4 years ago was diagnosed with osteoarthritus of the spine - had been receiving epidureal pain block shots 3 sets every 6 months - this was helping to tolerate the pain. throughout this time I was having every once in a while what I thought was the flu - ended up being gall bladder attacks - I had gallbladder surgery Sept. 07 - this resolved a lot of back pain and made the shots last longer then in May 2008 I had a sore throat and couldn't talk - went to the doctor - not strep throat so they sent me home - 2 days later I was retaining water - and my hands where numb doctor tried lyrica which made the swelling even worse - went to neurologist and was diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel - my pain doctor couldn't beleive the results which was severe - or the fact that I had never complained of this previously - I was finally able to have surgery on July 25th - we are a small community with few doctors and testing takes 1 month to get in and same with scheduling surgeries. I had instant releif from pain after surgery - except still had numbness in 3 fingers each hand - some days it is better but now the pain is back - numbness is continuous and hands are swollen and so is ankles and knees - oh also in may my blood pressure started going up and so my pain specialist did many tests - not RA, MS, Thyroid, Kidney issues, not showing inflamation in blood work - but I feel terrible - Went to cardiologist and had ekg, echo, stress test and nothing is showing - put on blood pressure medication and now all of a sudden my cholesterol is real high - never had any of this prior to May. Very worried because my mother was diagnosed 3 years ago with cirrhosis of the liver and needs transplant - my doctors are testing me for everything and nothing is showing up - and I am feeling worse everyday - my feet hurt, ankles can hardly bear my weight after I have been sitting for a little while - hands hurt, finger joints hurt terrible, elbows, shoulders keep making popping sounds and feel almost dislocated - I can't sleep, can't exercise and weight is fluctuating from 180-195 within a weeks time - Please let me know if you have any ideas.

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  • Hi,I was wondering if you are still on the Lyrica? I was put on it a couple of months ago and I have never felt such pain, it was absolutely agonizing!!! I saw the neuroligist again yesterday and asked her if the Lyrica could make matters worse and she said of course not, it is to help the pain. Meanwhile 'muscle pain' IS one of the side effects ...it says so right at the Lyrica web site. I hope 'they' can help you, I think its more miss than hit with doctors......Wishing you as painfree a Christmas as possible!!Take care...peace and God bless....
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    • December 18, 2008
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