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sever outside and middle wrist pain

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  • Posted By: heinsj1980
  • October 29, 2007
  • 08:53 PM

Hi I am new at this, but I am a military dependent and am not getting any help from the doctors here and thought I would give this a shot. For at least 2 month I have had between somewhat tolerable and unbearable pain in my right wrist. It is on the outside, I can not rotate my wrist and cannot bear weight on it. If I do bear weight on it (push-up style i.e.) the pain is severe in the middle at the base of my hand on the top. Docs would not do x-ray or anything, gave me a brace and script for naproxen. Neither of which are helping at all. The brace almost makes it worse. Very minimal swell on the joint. If anyone can offer any help or ideas for me to present to the doctor yet again that would be great. Been doing research online, think I ruled out carpal tunnel. Also the pain stays isolated in those two areas, does not radiate up my arm or anything like that. Thanx from a worried new user here!!

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  • I had a severe blow to my ulnar bone when I was 13. Misdiagnosed fracture was the result. They said it was just a sprain and the x-ray was normal. That wasn't the case. By the time I knew it had been fractured, it was too late to do anything......I thought and was told. For years after, I had a horrible pain in my wrist on the ulnar side. If I tried to do pushups, I had a horrible pain in my wrist. Anything I did with gripping, lifting, or twisting and turning my wrist really hurt. I also had a knot on the ulnar side of my wrist as well. I never had pain in my upper arm either, just in my wrist. I kept up with this until I was 26. At that time, I had another severe blow to the same wrist that was already having alot of problems. I had an x-ray done and was said it was "normal". After 3 weeks of severe pain they did an MRI...it was "normal" to what they could see. The ortho decided to go in and look at my wrist arthroscopically. He found a TFCC tear and something else with a ligament that was torn. None of that showed on my MRI. The surgeon debrided the tears and I was suppossed to be as good as new. 4 weeks later it tore again....and felt even worse this time. I had another x-ray and MRI with a different ortho who specializes in hands and wrists. The MRI shows normal but it isn't. He went in and found the TFCC torn again along with a long tear in a ligament (I can't remember the name of it). The ligament is not repairable because there is no blood supply around the tear to help it repair itself. He debrided the tears again and said we need to give it 3-6 months and see where it goes. If it doesn't get better, then I will have to have an ulnar shortening osteotomy....Shorten my ulnar bone.It has been 5 months since the arthroscopic debridement and my wrist isn't better. It is exactly like it was the first time I hurt it.....and really a little worse. The pain is rediculous when I do anything with it. I have done tons of research on the ulnar shortening osteotomy and it has had wonderful results. My ulnar bone is positive and needs to be reduced 2-3mm. You need to research TFCC tears and the ulnar shortening osteotomy and print out the information. Go to another doctor who specializes in hand and wrist surgery. Explain to him your information and the research you have and how your symptoms are similar. NOT ALL MRI's show tears of TFCC or ligaments and I am a perfect example of that and x-rays showing normal when they weren't. Good luck to you and don't give up, just find the right specialist.
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  • Do you still have this pain? Wendy
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