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alopesia in 6 year old

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  • Posted By: taysmommy
  • March 7, 2007
  • 10:05 PM

hello, im new to this forum, but i had a question, my sister was diagnosed with alopesia when she was 15 months old, she lost her hair before that, but the doctors thought it was normal infant hair loss, i know that alopesia has no cure yet, but im curious of what caused hers. i read on the site that there are all sorts of causes that can lean to the disease, well heres the story

she was born with 6 toes on one foot, had surgery to remove at 1 year old

had cataracks(?) at 3 months old, had those removed surgically(wel of course) then at 6 months had permanent contacts put in

had her eyes uncrossed at 9 months

so a total of 5 surgerys on her eyes (they did each eye separatly) and one on her toe before the age of 13 months,

the doctors say that stress didnt cause this, i find that difficult

also my mother was diagnoses with hypothyroidism following the birth of my sister, but she was tested, and tested negative, but hypothyroidism can cause this right? could the test have been wrong?

we have accepted the fact that she has this and are very thankful shes healthy now, but its really frustrating having no answers as to the cause, any respone will be appreciated:)

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  • is she completely bald? i would think that the test would be accurate, maybe they can test her again?
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  • yep, completly bald, bless her heart, no eye lashes or eyebrows, no hair ANYWHERE on her body
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  • I'm not sure what could be causing it other than chemotherapy meds which doesn't seem like a possibility but another avenue may be tinea capitis which is ringworm of the scalp. It can cause alopecia and ringworm is fairly common in children. Hypothyroidism can cause thinning of the hair, my mother has it and has fairly thin hair. The hair falls out and without the proper hormones fails to regrow. I hope this help sin some way! Good luck!
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  • Hi,It sounds like she has Alopecia Areata Universalis (autoimmune issue supposedly). My son was born with that almost 18 yers ago also. Same story about docs not knowing until he was 2 when he lost eye lashes, brows and all. I researched it and took him many places to consider treatment when he was 3 because he realized at that time he was different than others and was very upset. The treatments available then, had risk so I decieded not to do try them (topical steroids). I finally found an amazing OMD (Chinese Medical doc) that believed she could get his hair back and maintain it. I was skeptical so she said she would not charge me anything until he had hair. 1 month later he sprouted hair and she worked with him for a couple yrs once a month maintaining it. When he would get confident that he would not loose it any more, he would quit the herbs and loose all again. When he would re-start the herbs and have a treatment or two he again would grow and maintain hair. Now he only needs an occational treatment once a yr or so and occational herbs when he gets a flu or something. Although - he never really got leg, arm, chest, pubic hair like an average male, just a few blonde sprouts here and there - he doesn't care about that though... If you are interested and you think she could be dedicated to taking herbs I would be happy to give you the OMD's contact info. You can email me at graciesmomnc@yahoo.com if you want.
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  • i Try To Contact You With Email . But I Cant . I Have Alopesia(all of my body) but many SLIM and SHAKY hair was GROW . please help me thanksalikolahdoozan
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