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what says "I'm a lesbian?"

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  • Posted By: DawnaRose
  • March 23, 2007
  • 05:29 AM

Is there something a woman can wear jewelry or otherwise that will clearly identify her to other lesbians that she is a lesbian too and available? I'm going through a divorce so not quite ready to wear a rainbow flag and not totally out yet but wondered is there something I could do now that would signal to other lesbian women that my little heart beats for women and women only? This would open the door for friendships to happen an romance to bloom down the road, hopefully! Thanks so much, Dawna Rose

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  • The Human Rights Campaigns symbol is a good, less tacky way of showing interest in gay lifestyle/rights. The symbol is pretty well recognized by gays and lesbians in urban areas. It's probably much less recognized the farther from the city you go.And, 99% of "less open-minded" people don't know what the symbol means, so you wouldn't have to deal with any confrontation. ...... There's a store at the HRC site.http://hrccornerstore.myimagefirst.com/store/(See if there's a HRC chapter near you. That'd be a great way to get involved with the community)I'd probably suggest something with the blue and yellow color. That's pretty much all I can think of. Try to think of gay/lesbian causes/foundations that might have recognizable symbols. Red wristband?There are certain style/trends of clothing worn by lesbians, but there also worn by straight women as well.Hope that helps.
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  • Well, I used to wear a small, circular rainbow earing. I had three earrings per ear at that time, and the rainbow one was worn on the lowest hole of the right ear. It was quite small and inobtrusive. Although less obscure, you could also wear a pendant or something that has two of the "female" symbols interlocked. I have several friends with things like that.Of course, the easiest thing to do is to simply turn down men who make passes at you, and to go to places such as lesbian bars if you want to meet women. Unless you're actively advertising for a partner, there's no real reason to display your orientation. Just be yourself. If you receive unsolicited attention from a man, there's no need to be angry. He must find you attractive if he was paying attention. Just turn him down politely. There isn't even a need to tell him that you're a lesbian - just that you're not interested. If he persists, then tell him why you're not interested. If he's too pushy, you could call for help, or do what I did... knock his lights out.If you're looking to pick up a woman, just go places where there are other lesbians. It's all about the circles you travel. Good luck!
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  • Silly stuff. How about just talking to women whom you find appealing? Trying jewelry or other items can be easily misunderstood by the crowd who thinks it's acceptable to wear "whatever" no more what your orientation is.Just a thought.
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