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Unusual dizziness/lightheadedness feeling on right side of body.

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  • Posted By: Valedictator
  • April 22, 2008
  • 08:27 PM

I feel dizzy in general, and I've been having these symptoms since last week Thursday (April 17), and occasionally earlier. My right foot seems somwhat weak, especially in the outside toes/metatarsals. My right hand has also felt weak.

Most importantly, the whole right side of my face (especially my cheek and temple area), the right side of the back of my neck, some of my right eye, and the area under my right ear (like behind the jaw and the carotid area), they all feel somewhat numb. It's an unusual sensation that I've not felt before, somewhat like numbness, and a little tingliness, and somewhat like there's a hand or something else placed onto my face. I also feel it in the right side of my throat, and it feels like there's a lump in my throat.

Also, it feels like I can't take a really deep breath, because my right lung won't expand enough. Sometimes, it feels difficult to breathe because of this.

I have frequently felt thirsty since this began, and drink water regularly. I have not consumed any caffeine during this time, although previously I have. Almost like clockwork, I urinate the water right back out within a while. I am able to eat and drink, and urinate and defecate. Also, when I try to sleep at night, I shudder a bit, as if I am cold, but at the same time I am warm. Eventually, I am able to fall asleep, and so far, have awakened every morning.

My temperature (according to my thermometer) has been between 97.6 and (currently) 98.9 deg F. My resting pulse has been between 85 and 95 (or so) beat/min. I have gone to my doctor's office about this (yesterday 21 April), and there they measured my BP at 130/80. I donated blood by apheresis (I usually donate this way) a week ago Monday where it was measured at 120/70. I am 24 and weigh 175 pounds, at 5'11" height. Also, my carotid pulse on the left is stronger than that on the right. The physician's assistant thought I might be diabetic, and ordered "fasting" blood tests, which I took today.

Most importantly, I feel lightheaded, as if I may pass out, but I have not. It is primarily as if the right side of my brain is dizzy, but the left really is not. Also, there is almost no pain involved.

This is what concerns me. Why is it only the right side of my face, neck, head, appendages, and lung that feels weak or dizzy? Why do I feel like I might pass out? I don't want to faint and then be unable to help myself, and then expire from hypoxia or something else.

Any help is appreciated. My doctor's office does not seem interested in my lightheadedness and other symptoms today.

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