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Tired of feeling ill..Help

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  • Posted By: TRenee
  • September 21, 2007
  • 11:54 PM

The basic about me is I am 19 yr old female who has had a long history of about 6 years of major problems. The strangest part is that it is is spells in which i will have a period of no symptoms but when they come back they are worse. Family histroy of neurological issues but no diagnosis.
Hand tremor
Arm pain-electrical/shooting
Balance problem
Dizziness Eye discharge
Eye pain-sharp from the back Eyes very sensitive to light
vision floating spots Sometimes uncontrolled movement
Fatigue all day, long term nightsweats
Burning pains General pain
Joint pain Trouble concentrating
Knee pain Knee unsteadiness
Leg pain-electrical/shooting Legs feel heavy
Light headed Memory loss
Muscle pain Muscle twitches
Muscle weakness Neck pain restricted movement confused more Tingling, arms, feet, fingers and toes
Sleep disturbance Hot/flush face flashes
Urination frequent at night Double Vision
Spacey Numbness
Bowel motions alternating constipation/diarrhea Fall asleep abnormally
Unsteady Walk/off balance Hand clumsiness
Heart beat irregular-very fast for no reason Sensitivity to heat-symptoms worse
Muscle tone loss Hand Tremors sometimes
difficulty starting Urination

This all comes for a long period than gets almost all better but it has been progrssively worse each time. Been to hospital 3 major times 1. leg went completley paralyzed for while 2. leg was twitching/spasming uncontrallably 3. left side of body went numb/tingling/shooting electrical pains HELP!

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  • You may need to see a Neurologist. A good one, if you can find! If you don't agree, go to another!! All these symptoms appear to be in a domino effect, but the origin could be in your cervical area. Do you have herniated discs in your neck? Mine went undiagnosed for 4 years although is was clear as day on all my MRI's. Alot of the symptoms you described I have. Every EMG came back normal. My last orthopedic doc was the one who said "no it is not in your head it is in your neck", when I told him, this is what I have been told and to seek counseling. Now I have the reality of the majority of my neuro symptoms... an answer, finally. The surgical alternative is to plate C-3, - C-7. Have you had a head injury, neck injury, car accident, fall or concussion at any point in your life? After years of horrible stress, bouncing from dr. to dr., trying to find one that actually listened, I have been now diagnosed with chronic fatigue and to top it Fibromyalgia. Ohhh how I dread the mornings. They are terrible!! I have been reading up on home mold toxicity and these symptoms are very similiar to the CFS and FMS/ME. So when "energy" permits I have been little by little stepping up on my cleaning skills, which I have NO energy to do and focusing on my central air and heating system. I placed an air purifier at my bed side with hopes maybe I wouldn't wake up in such a brain fog. Be very aware of your stresses, your body will if not already is burnt out, exhausted to the point a dead person has more energy. The doc didn't seem to appreciate my humor but its the truth. Something is " very wrong", I do not feel well at all....... sound familiar? It is a viscous circle and the medical care has declined severely. I am also keeping a journal, good, bad, ok day. Then I answer. I am looking for some type of pattern for my own sake. I love it when you see a specialist who asks you what do you think it is? You are NOT alone!! One last comment, I was placed on Cymbalta for many of these symptoms. I had severe side effects that creeped up on me.... just beware.
    MomSandy 1 Replies
    • October 2, 2007
    • 04:56 PM
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  • I am a 20 year old girl who has been suffering from nearly all of the same symptoms and I was wondering if you have found an answer to yours that maybe I can also find out what exactly is happening with me. Please respond!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 9, 2010
    • 02:07 PM
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