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Suggestive diagnosises of my symptoms.

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  • Posted By: Day_Vid
  • May 9, 2008
  • 08:32 PM

I got sick after i went to a pro basketball game and ate some chicken wings. Kinda felt sick after that. Two days later had a fever of 103. Ended up going to the hospital cause i couldn't breathe and was trembling. The 8 hours i spent in the hospital i was shaking and my blood pressure was very very high until finally they gave me enough drugs and salene to calm me down. They kept asking me if i had diabetees or high blood pressure because they couldn't get my blood pressure down before letting me leave. Finally my blood pressure was low enough to leave. It's been almost 2 months since i went to the hospital for the Flu(That's what they said i had after they ran blood tests). The past 3 weeks i have been urinating a lot. Seems like right after i drink something i have to urinate. Mustard colored Diahrea and lots of gas. My vision has been scetchy(when i look at something bright or lettering it seems to linger when i look somewhere else. kinda like the trails of the mouse pointer). Noticing sometimes looking at a light in mirror that my pupils would stay big for a second before shrinking. Been feeling Nervousness and Anxiety(worried and scared mostly from my vision being scetchy). This past week my right ear has started ringing. Ocassionaly(once a day) it feels hard to breathe. I am 38yo. 5' 10". 195 pounds. Used to drink a 6 pack of beer 3 nights a week until i got sick. Drink maybe 1 beer a week now. Walk everyday and try to eat healthy now. I am concerned that there is another illness involved or triggered when i got sick. Just gave my blood today to be tested for diabetes, blood-sugar, cholesterol, etc. Any Diagnosis would be helpful. Thanks, DAVID.

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  • Giardia (parasites) is a real possibility. You can get it by several sources such as lakes, but it can also be passed by dirty hands. Perhaps someone preparing those chicken wings didn't wash up after using the restroom. :( I think you need your poop tested for that, so go to your regular doctor and get the kit. Several of your symptoms could be caused by this. And I would do it asap as it can cause a lot of problems, and you need to rule out parasites.Good luck.
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  • It sounds like you may have some malicious bacteria that need to be cleared out from your system. In the meantime, I would suggest restoring the healthy bacteria in your system through taking drinks which contain spirulina (a kind of good bacteria), like Odwalla's SuperFood drink. It's usually in the organic cold section of the grocery store. Also, take lactobacillus supplements. This way, the healthy bacteria can outcompete the bad ones. But start out slow, and then work your way up-- don't overdose on the spirulina drinks or lactose supplements from the beginning.
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  • There are no shortcuts. Drink lots of fluids, get lots of REST, stay warm, take aspirin or ibuprofen for pains and fever. Don't drink a lot of alcohol because it dries out your air passages and makes it harder to heal.
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