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Still no diagnosis after 3 months.

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  • Posted By: tiredofbeingsick23
  • March 6, 2009
  • 06:36 PM

Please help. Recently in December 2008 I suddenly fell sick. My symptoms were the following:
- Fever, chills - cold waves (shivers), vomited 2 times because I ate dairy products, tired, no appetite.

I saw one doctor who said that it is the flue. I went for a second opinion a week later to another doctor who prescribed to me penicillin and made my kidneys shutting down, which probably was allergic and did not know. I was rushed to hospital and a week later everything was coming back to normal except my fever, chills and shivers that are still present. I have lost lots of weight and my appetite was diminished. I was tested for the most important diseases and viruses which all came negative. I have to mention that I am a public worker and I deal with lots of people that are not the most healthy.

At this point, three months later, I always get fever at night only. It starts with cold shivers and then I get very hot and then I sweat while a sleep. I sleep a lot to, more then 10 hours per day. I was tested for Mono and it was negative. I have to mention also that where I work, it is very humid and I do posses a dog. I was tested for parasites and is was still negative.
I am thinking that it might be some sort of animal virus but have no clue which one.

If you have heard of similar cases and diagnoses please let me know. Thanks.

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  • By the way I forgot to mention that during the day, my hands and especially my feet extremities are very cold. If you ever been outside when it's cold during long periods of time and when you came back home to warm your feet and you could not really feel the end of the toes well that's the symptoms that I have during the day. The feet are also very slim when this happens and pale.At night when the fever kicks in and my body temperature rises, my feet become a little swollen and warm with more vein definitions and with the right skin color. Also at night, when I get my cold shivers, the middle of my body (which is where the xyphoid area is), I feel my heart beating and it spreads like a heart burn pain horizontally throughout the rib cage. I also have back pains that are always there. I don;t if it from the fact that I sleep a lot.What I find weird is the symptoms have never showed up during the day (except for the cold feet.Please Help!!!!
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  • You could have something autoimmune. The cold hands and feet might be from hypothyroidism that is also common to get with other types of autoimmune diseases. Keira
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  • Do you get warm at night no matter what the ambient temperature is? This may sound silly, but if you are still getting hot and the outside air is cold, it matters clinically. Have you actually taken your temperature to see what your fevers are? If so, what are the results?Where exactly are your back pains? Again, does it matter what the situation is, like , if you have been sitting all day, is it worse? Are they sharp pains or dull aches all the time? We need more information to help you. What exact tests have been run and what were the precise results? The only animal (dog) transmitted diagnosis I could see that would fit your symptoms is leptosprirosis. It is transmitted by rat urine, your animal can get it and pass it to you, but that is rare. I don't think your dog is causing this. What exactly is your exposure to the public? Are you in actual contact? Any more info you could give would help. Do your hands hurt when they 'warm up'? Do you still consume dairy products? What is your weight, how much have you lost?
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  • It could be something autoimmune but at this point the doc are not sure yet. The only results I can tell you for a fact is that I have anemia and my Red blood cells count on a total of 140 (normal for a male) I am at around 102 points. My white cells are normal.It is cold where I am outside and when I go out during the day for groceries or other things, I am not getting chills or any fever. It always happens at night. My temperature is usually ranging from 37.8 - 38.8. I can say that on a consistent level a 38 degrees is what I experience every night till I get up and sweat it off and it is back to normal 36.2/4 degrees.In my job, I am exposed to people a lot. I am a public servant, therefore, I make contact with every kind of person. I am sure that I caught some disease/virus from someone.I am 25 years old male, I was weighing at 225 pounds and now I am 195 pounds.I have a precarinal lymph node that is swollen. I do not drink or smoke or do drugs. I also forgot to mention that I live next to the ocean in a very humid area where the seafood is what is most eaten. In the basement of my house there was mold present on the walls. I procrastinated and took lots of time to clean it. My back pains lasts from the time I get till I go to sleep and while I sleep and try to move around in bed. I do think that this is because of the fact that I sleep a lot and stay in bed most often. This is what I have till now. As for the exact results, I am sorry but I don't have them with me. I will try to post some of them. Thanks again.
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  • I don't think that a virus you could catch from passively interaction with other humans would last this long. Well, maybe intestinal tuberculosis-- have you been checked for this? The milk that made you sick, was it unpasteurized? The pain in your xiphoid region, is it constant or intermittent? How is your digestion? The anemia can cause disruption of temperature regulation in the human body, but I find it odd that you only get a fever at night. Get the anemia under control. Have your thyroid checked. Check for intestinal tuberculosis. I would also try to add in more exercise, as your muscle activity contributes to your thermoregulation. Staying in bed is not good for your body. I think you are right in connecting your back pain to this. Why do you spend so much time in bed? Best wishes!!
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  • I was tested for tuberculosis and it was 0 as a result. I don't know if it is the same test for the intestinal tuberculosis. The first week that I got sick I ate some cereal and I vomited and then 2 days later I ate some yogurt and vomited. Since I got out of the hospital I am drinking milk and eating dairy products with no problem. The pain in my xiphoid region comes only at night and constant till it faids away in the morning. It seems that when my stomach is full that this pain is present. My digestion is very slow and I can feel what goes on in my stomach and intestines. The docs went with a camera and took a samples of my stomach and inside the stomach there were no problems but they did find a microbe that I was given meds for it.My thyroid gland was checked and all negative.I do eat every healthy thing possible such as fruits, vegetables and all home cooked meals. I also take iron 200mg daily and started drinking quail eggs to upper my immune system (9 per day). I think I need to go see Dr. HOUSE. Thanks.
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