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sort of like anxiety, but not - very hard to diagnose

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  • Posted By: DCameronMauch
  • November 30, 2009
  • 11:46 PM

I have symptoms sort of like anxiety. But it isn't. I'll get more into that.

I get woken up every morning from a sound sleep at 4:30am. My heart beats faster and harder, breathing faster, strong sensation of being cold, and very shaky/jittery, little dizzy. Have no appetite. When symptoms stronger, actually nauseous. Symptoms gradually get better over the day, but never quite go away. Get physically frightened very easily/strongly - like almost falling over in chair - normal person's heart rate goes back down to normal in a few minutes - mine takes a good hour.

My first doctor was convinced it was psychological. Okay. But following such an exact pattern? Every single day at 4:30am? Never getting worse during the day. No correlation to any external events. I'm not depressed. Not even anxious, mentally. Just really frustrated. But we medically proved I am not having anxiety/panic attacks. What is such an attack? The mind perceives some kind of threat. The mind tells the body there is a threat. The body activates the classic fight or flight response. Adrenaline and cortisol levels rise dramatically. Well, on a day when my symptoms were quite strong most of the day, the doctor had me do a 24 hour urine collection test. Guess what? My adrenaline and cortisol levels were normal. Actually on the lower end of normal. So there is no fight or flight stuff going on here. I was amazed. My symptoms sure seem like what lots of adrenaline does.

The only hormones that seem off are my FSH and testosterone. My testosterone is fairly low. And my FSH is normal. But it should be high to correct for low testosterone. Strangely, I have no real symptoms of low testosterone...

Been tested for all kinds of things: All the normal blood panel stuff is fine. Tests for lyme, lead, STDs, Epstein-Barr, and all kinds of other things were all negative. Have a full heavy metal workup in progress - mercury sounds like a possibility - especially since I had some old mercury fillings removed shortly before all this started.

I have been trying to get my doctor to seriously consider magnesium deficiency, since all the symptoms match. But she doesn't seem to think that is a valid theory for some reason. Trying to find another doctor who can do the EXAtest (do a google search) to correctly determine my intracellular levels of the various minerals. All the research I did says that blood serum levels (the normal test doctors do) does not correlate hardly at all to the intracellular levels. I have been taking magnesium supplements, and they do seem help keep my symptoms down sufficient that I can actually drive and go to work. But still fairly miserable. If I have a deficiency, I read that supplements alone can take 6 months to 2 years to fully rebuild levels. If I can get this EXAtest, and it shows a deficiency, intra muscular injections would take care of the issue pretty quickly.

There is some other test my doctor does where she has me stand with my eyes closed. Then she gently pushes me various directions. When she pushes me backwards, I fall back almost every time. The more severe my symptoms are on a given day, the worse the general feeling of inbalance/dizziness.

I had been working out a lot before this all started. And eating a very high protein diet, but not Atkins, still good amount of carbs. Not much vegetables - just don't care for them that much. I also had a cavity under/around some old fillings fixed. My left bottom molar hurt insanely bad for four weeks. Finally had to have a root canal. Gave me some pretty strong antibiotics. Even since all this started, I still ate lots of protein. Doctor asked me to cut way back, and I have, but no difference. Also been taking a multi-vitamin every day.

My doctor is sending me to see a kidney specialist - I guess to see if there may be some metabolism kind of thing going on. Frankly, she is quickly running out of ideas. But she is just a general/family practitioner D.O.

So, do anyone out there have any ideas? This issue is obviously somehow tied to my circadian rhythm. And lots of magnesium helps, but doesn't remedy.

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  • Had another doctor give me a IV fluid drip of massive quantities of magnesium, calcium, B's and C. If my issue was a magnesium or calcium deficiency, I should feel wonderful, or at least normal, today. But still having the same symptoms. Though the severity is not real bad.Looks like my testosterone may be more of an issue than I thought. Did a little more research on that. My total level is 140. And I just turned 40. I have been reading that levels even as low at 300 can cause symptoms. Does it sound like my symptoms could be caused by this?
    DCameronMauch 3 Replies
    • December 2, 2009
    • 04:30 PM
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