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Slowly worsening, not bad yet, but I'm worried

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  • Posted By: silver232
  • January 28, 2008
  • 11:42 PM

For about 5 years now my strange symptoms have been getting very slowly worse. The entire right side of my body is gradually weakening/losing health. I can't figure out what's wrong, and it's hard to describe most of the symtoms, but it's most evident in the upper right side of of my head. The entire left side of my body is fine.

I need help figuring out what kinds of things can cause problems that affect the right side of your body and only that. If you drew a line straight down the middle of my body you would get precisely where the symptoms begin and end.

The right side of my body is more easily fatigued. In the upper right side of my head, where it's most evident, I have this strange feeling, almost a burning feeling, that's been developing, especially where the right side of my brain is, and it seems like the area around my right eye is beginning to swell. When I press my fingers to the area directly under my eyes right above my cheek bone... Well, when I compare this area on the right side to this area on the left side of my face, it is very obvious that it's beginning to swell. It is easier just to leave my right eye closed, as if it's fatigued, but it doesn't ease any of the symptoms.

It's like a constant, very gradually worsening headache, but only on the right side. And the rest of the right side of my body is similar but not as bad.

Does anyone have any idea what kinds of things can cause problems that only affect one side of your body?

PS. Sorry for posting this in something like 5+ forums here, but... I couldn't figure out which was the best place to post it.

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  • It could be a few different things but I'll tell you what I know just from other people having it or from my own experience. 1) Go to a neurologist~you need an MRI ASAP!! Brain Tumors can and do this a lot depending on where they are located. If this is happening to the right side of your body then the tumor (IF you had one) would be located on the left side. The left side of your brain controlls the right and so on.. 2) Developing a migrain disorder and sometimes it comes on slowly and presents w/ symptoms that are wide range and migrains can surely happen on only one side of the body. 3) Again you need an MRI to confirm this but you could be developing a seizure disorder and sometimes it presents itself on one side of the body. It may or might not be one of these items but I am only telling you this because I know people w/ the same symptoms and this is the different things they were tested for and or ended up having.. I hope all goes well and you get better soon!
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