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Numb, shaky hands, twitching...all my life

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  • Posted By: littlebitnumb
  • November 19, 2006
  • 03:10 AM

When I was born, I was deprived of oxygen/ bloodflow. Later in my early years of life, my doctor said that I had a very minor case of cerebral palsy. Although, I have almost none of the symptoms. All that I have that would link me to CP would be the shaking thing. But it's not just that. I do not have control of my hands when it comes to small objects, and when I sit down for a while, my entire back becomes numb. I'm also extremely sensitive to noises. Like, when I hear a bell or some noise out of place, i'll jump or have a muscle twitch. I also have the smile defect (when I smile, my mouth twitches) and my hands are always shaking. Lastly, every once and a while my eye lid,arm, or leg muscles will twitch for a moment or two. Very odd.

I really have no idea if this is cerebral palsy or another disease. Please, would someone help me. I know it's neurological but what?

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  • Have you had all these symptoms since birth. If so it will be cerebral palsy most likely. There are many, many degrees of CP and symptoms should not get worse unless a person leads a sedentry life.If you haven't had all the symptoms all your life, then there is a strong possibility of another problem. It is very difficult for someone with CP to get proper medical health as most doctors don't want to see beyond the CP. So if you feel you are deteriorating for no good reason ask for a MRI on you brain, and if that is inconclusive, a MRI on our neck and spine, not a CT or X-ray, they are not sensitive enough.Let us know how you get on, CP is of great interest to me, especially someone faced with what you described if you haven't had all these symptoms since birth.If these are life long symptoms, I suggest you see an acupuncturist. But be mindful, with CP an acupuncture needle should ALWAYS be placed in the top (crown) of the head and the less needles used means the person knows more about what they are doing. If no needle in crown they don't know there stuff when it comes to CP. I tend to be a bit bias toward those whose training also was in China, after all the Chinese have been doing this stuff for years, and there is documentry evidence that accupuncture has had CP children under the age of 18 months (when they are still supple and their brains are open to rewiring) walking where before they couldn't even sit up.Agape,searchingsam
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    • November 19, 2006
    • 02:20 PM
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