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Nightsweats excessive thirst naiil and muscle symptoms

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  • Posted By: robg1776
  • December 31, 2010
  • 03:21 AM

hello all.
getting a diagnosis for me has been slow coming. I have multiple symptoms ranging from digestive to neurological.
let me start from the begining.
I am 29 year old male.I am currently on predisone and amox. (the doc says I have bronchial constriction) but no other meds.
when I was 19 I started having double vision later in the day, sometimes it would get really bad. doc said it was nothing that continues to this day. At 22 I started having muscle burning, and pain< this would go away and come back unpredictablly.sometimes the pain would be crippling for up to a month and then it would subside.
then about eighteen months ago I started having terrible muscle stiffness, and my muscles seemed to harden and get ropey. my upper lip would swell up many times after eating, with numbness of the mouth and neckbeing almost constant. this seemed to coincide with slurred speech.
at this same time I noticed my veins were getting more appearant and jutting out more.
in the past year I started getting really forgetful and have started developing what feels like horizontal bands on my thighs and other muscles, and what I will just call cysts up to 1/4 in on my tendons behind the knee.
My skin is constantly itchy mostly on my hands though.
It feels almost like Im walking on broken glass at times, and my feet feel like they are asleep< these two symptoms are worst in the morning. I have have also developed multiple horizontal white bands on most of my toes. as well as vertical cracks. on my hands I started getting what looks like blood blisters under the skin beside the nail
but they are not on the surface, these get worse if I drink.
in the past 5 months It seems I cannot eat any kind of wheat or dairy or else I will have terrible stomach pain and diherra. I do not suffer from loss of appatite it has actually increased and so has my thirst.
I have had frequent colds 2 inthe past 3 months. about a week ago I started getting a loud rattle when I breath out completly. thats why I am on the prednisone and amox. which has not helped at all.
sex has become difficult because my testicles hurt for a coulpe of days afterward.
I have been to multiple doctors and they seemed baffled. I go get an mri tomarrow then I head to rhum.

negative rhumatoid factor
negative hiv/std
I do have small amounts of protein in urine (they said I had a uti, and gave me antibiotics but it nor the genital pain has went away)
negative cbc (this was 3 months ago before the breathing problems)

please try to help me make sense of this.

oh I forgot to list the night sweats I have had for about 9 months now

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