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Nausea while Reading (not in cars)

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  • Posted By: Temperate
  • November 4, 2009
  • 10:02 PM


I'm getting really irritated recently, this nausea is really interfering with my schoolwork. About two weeks ago I came down with a bad case of nausea, fatigue (18 hours of sleeping...but I usually sleep about 12), hotness (no fever, just felt really really really boiling...was wearing bathing suit aroudn the house), and some...abnormal digestion, lol, minor pains, minor headaches. Went to the doctor after about 5 days. Gastroenteritis. Says I should be better in a few days. So I go home, do the whole 'easy on stomach' diet...I feel better. Except, for minor abdominal pains, sore left kidney (which seems to happen whenever I get sick, probably not related), and being nauseous still - though, funnily enough, almost only when I read. It feels like I'm constantly getting carsick. So I go back, he says it sounds like I'm almost over it, and Gastroenteritis still fits. 'Come back in three days if you're still nauseous/abdominal pains.' Unfortunately, I'm very busy, and was going away for the weekend (for my 21st birthday, yay me), so I didn't have time to go back. Now I'm still nauseous every time I read (or similar activities), still having minor kidney pains (really ignorable), a bit fatigued/drowsy (though not as much as before), but more importantly - been having every kind of headache imaginable (not like painful but enough to be annoying, especially the cluster headaches that make my eye feel like it's going to pop out), and my neck feels kind of 'stiff,' like it hurts to look down or up...my main complaint is still the nausea (and yes I still have an appetite, actually food makes me feel better sometimes ).
The doc. asked a few times, so I'll just preemptively answer: "No, there is no chance of pregnancy." "Yes I'm still going to the bathroom fine, no it doesn't hurt."

I'm beginning to think I might have encaphalitis or something :rolleyes: the light was kind of bright to me today...I didn't like it, was considering :cool:
Right now it feels like someone is pushing from inside of the bottom left side of my head ....and of course my ears hurt (they always pop and stuff, for years)...

Any ideas?

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2 Replies:

  • Hi- I know that you posted this a long time ago and I hope you have found relief. My 12 year old son became terribly motion sick when walking or reading. That was 2 years ago. He has improved slightly, but continues to get nauseated when reading or writing or even walking. We tried medications, vestibular rehab, vision therapy to improve visual vestibular integration.- and it's helped a little. What did you try? Who did you see? How are you now?
    beverlyz 2 Replies
    • December 1, 2013
    • 00:24 PM
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  • HI- I know you posted this years ago, but are you better? My son is experiencing almost the exact same thing. We've tried everything. Please post an update.
    beverlyz 2 Replies
    • December 7, 2013
    • 10:37 PM
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