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I REALLY NEED HELP! I'm Worried Sick!!!

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  • Posted By: Freddy
  • April 2, 2007
  • 04:31 AM

I am 18 years old and about 6 months ago I had unprotected sex to a girl I hardly even knew and ever since i have been having wierd pains EVERYWHERE. After the first couple days i had pains in my groin both sides and after a week i got really sick with a bad sore throat. As the days pushed on the pain went up to my abdominal region and just randomly burned every once in a while in many different spots. Now the pain is in my lower part of the chest just below the ribs and all of a sudden i have been having pains in my neck and back. Not too far after that started, i have now also been having shooting, tingling, burning sensations in my arms, hands, and legs. It also seems like my arms, hands, and legs fall asleep really easily. I am in COMPLETE misery from worrying what this could be. Can someone tell me if this sounds like I could have HIV or an STD????

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  • sexual intercourse is normal and natural,and unless it was unusually strenuous and violent it would not produce such after effects.aids symptoms usually take a while to show up,so i dont think it can be aids.,nor does it sound like any other s.t.d.get looked at by all means,but i think the main utility of such a course of action would be to help you stop worrying.some pain from time to time is not unusual in human life,and must be tolerated.most people find this more true the older they get,and they discover the value of cheerfulness in reducing the experience.anxiety makes pain worse.be brave,go and get a check up,and while you are about it ,try to contact your partner and see how she is,both in her health and her emotions.
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  • Do you feel bad about doing that? It sounds like you do, and that you're compiling and connecting everything you feel is going wrong to having sex with that girl. It's probably just some type of post-...sex anxiety or something...
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  • I can tell you this is not AIDS. Except for the sore throat, the symptoms you described are not AIDS symptoms. And AIDS doesn't manifest as quickly as your symptoms have; it usually takes years. (However, that doesn't mean that you don't have the HIV virus. You should definitely get tested for it.)I don't know as much about other STD's, but some of your symptoms say that you could have one. Pain in the groin and abdomen, and sore throat, are symptoms of bacterial or viral infections. However, the other symptoms -- burning and pain that moves to different areas; shooting pains; limbs tingling and falling asleep -- don't sound like an STD. As the last poster said, those could be from some kind of anxiety. You could have more than one condition that needs treatment.No matter what, you need to see a primary care doctor, describe all your symptoms, and be tested for HIV and other STDs. Have you talked to the girl you were with, to find out how her health is? If you haven't yet, can you still?
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  • Hi,just a thought,what about the kissing virus,it is really called glandular fever,and has lots of symptoms,you can have a blood test,it really can just be passed from person to person if they have the virus,take a look on the internet for glandular fever and compare symptoms,please dont worry so much,and just get checked out at the doctors.hope you get better soon.
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  • I have had much of the same problems. You can email me at pwing@gt.rr.comKevin
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