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Help, what is happening.

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  • October 26, 2006
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I am a female at the age of 33. I will be 34 this november.I am a adopted child. I found my bio family on my mom's side. But I wont search for my dad. He beat my mom and I. I don't think he beat my little sister. She was just a baby. So as for that I can not get medical history on my dad's side and getting it threw the courts is really hard. But in my non-id of my adoption there is a mention of my dad having tremors in his hands. Now i don't now if that had to do with meds he took for mental problems or there was a medical problem. He would never give up any medical history or anything. My daughter has tremors to and she went through the neurologist stuff and they found nothing. But she only has tremors. That is how mine started years ago. So I hope there is nothing genetic. She is only 11.

Back to me. I have been fighting problems for years and no one listens. Finally I had a heart scare and the doc listened. Nothing wrong with my heart but he did sugest a neurologist. The heart scare felt like this. I have a tightening of the muscles inbetween my shoulder blades. My chest tightened and was painful. I felt nauces and threw up. I felt week in my muscles. I was also told i was flush.

I hope some one can relate with these problems. I am scare that something serouse is wrong. Here is a list of the other problems I have delt with for years. I made this list for my doctor. Oh I had a MRI and everything was fine there. I am also going in for Electromyography (EMG) and a Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS or NCV). This test will not be done untill the 27th of November. So I have some long waiting. I hate it because I would rather get this done that drag it on. Well I can go on forever. Thanks for reading it. If you have any sugestion or anything. It would be a great help. THanks so much.


These symptoms happen every couple of months to my best recollection. I have never kept track of when they happened.

My speech slurs. The right side of my face feels that the muscles wont work right.
I get numbness on my right side. Some times it is my leg, arm, face and sometimes my hole right side and once my hole body. But I can feel my touch. But it feels like a numb feeling.
I get tremors in my hands and once I was told my hole body tremored
My right leg muscle tightens and wont relax. This has happened when I was at rest and walking.
Every since my son was born I have had migraines . 7years this December They can last for 3 days.
I get a pin ****k that feels cold once or twice at a time on my right leg or right arm. This happens the same time I get the numb feeling.
I have been holding a class and it slipped from my hand. I did not notice it dropped until it hit the ground.
My memory has gotten worse over the years. I will forget something and not be able to remember it for a hour or two and then sometimes I can not remember it for a few days. It would be like my pin number. Things I have known for year. My first episodes of memory lost was at the age 20 or 21. I remember walking into my house with my first husband and just suddenly forget were I was and who I was. Just forget everything. I was like my memory was wiped clean. After a few minutes of this I would remember again but still had confusion. A few minutes later the confusion would go away.
I have had a sharp pain in my right hand. When it happens it is located in one spot and will last about a minute. This happens once every couple of months. The pain is very sharp. And is in random places. But always my right hand.

I have dealt with these problems all my life.

I am always tired. I have always been tired even as a child.
My feet and hands are always cold and I always feel colder that it is. For example it will be 70 degrees in the house and I am cold. My family will tell me it is warm. I feel comfortable when it is 75 or 78 degrees. I have delt with this for as long as I can remember.
Elementary age I felt my right leg was week occasionally and it did give out several times and I fell. Once I was walking and the other time I was standing.
I am not sure is this is just allergies or something else going on. I had developed a rash to two of my hay fever allergies. I get a rash when I am holding a cat or the cat rubs up against me that has allot of dander and also when I am gardening and the plant rubs up against my skin. This also has been bothering me for about 7 years.

Drugs and symptoms I have had but don’t currently take the drugs.
Depakote- Caused seizure signs
Lithium- I had severe tremors that would not go away.
Prozac- It caused seizures.
Wellbutrin- Seizure signs

After I had my seizures I would have a burst of energy.
I have had 3 seizures. One was when I was a teenager and was caused by prescription drugs. Another because if Prozac. And the other one because of a loud noise and I was taking Wellbutrin at that time.

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