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Help me please?

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  • Posted By: Nessa80
  • September 30, 2008
  • 05:33 AM

I need some serious help. I am 28 years old. I have been dealing with severe back pain and muscle spasms since I was a small child. When I was 10 I was diagnosed with severe scholiosis. So the back spasms were excused as being a by-product of the curvature and then the surgery that corrected it. However the muscle pain never went away.

A couple years ago it got to the point I could no longer function thru the pain. I had to stop working, and started depending on my family for the normal household chores.

Lately I have been having pain down both my legs. Loss of sensation in both legs. My joints have been locking up (to the point I have to have outside help straightening my limbs). I have also had loss of vision, confusion, and vertigo. That and I have started having moments where my heart tries to pound its way out of my chest. That wouldnt be a major concern if it didn't happen while I am completely at rest. Also I have been having unexplainable fevers that last for 30 minutes or so at a time. And I have an odd rash-like discoloration on the back of my neck.

I know I have serious pending health issues that need to be addressed immediatly. However I have no clue what type of doctor I should try and see, or what type of questions to ask. Anyone have any suggestions or have anyone ever heard of this type of thing before?

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  • I am not diminishing your heart pounding episodes but that sounds like anxiety probably brought on by your other health issues. I would start with your family doctor who can refer you to the kind of doctor you need. It sounds like some type of arthritis along with a vitamin deficiency possibly. You need a complete neurological exam first along with a good set of labs. If your neuro exam shows something then you need an MRI and further testing. It could be MS? If not then I would try a Rheumotologist next. The locking of the joints sounds like arthritis. I suffered with a myriad of health issues not all related. Nobody could give me one good answer for my health issues except Fibromyalgia - which to me was no answer at all. There can be more than one thing wrong with us at a time so if you try to put all your symptoms together and they don't come up with an obvious illness after some basic testing then address each symptom. I always recommend getting copies of all your labs and tests too and investigate! I had a low B12 count - in the low 200's but since it fell in the so called normal range they didn't treat it. I had tingling in my hands, face, legs, muscle jerks, constipiation, and joint & msucle pain. Which was brought on by Celiac Disease. No one doctor figured this out. It was process of seeing many doctors - and getting really frustrated that nobody could really tell me what was wrong with me for months. I have to say that I ended up taking Cymbalta which helped me with the nerve pain from the B12 problem. It really helped me cope because with daily illness comes depression on top of your other symptoms. It came with a few side effects but once my body adjusted then it really did help me a lot. I am now sleeping again. You are going to be okay. Don't give up and try not to get too frustrated. I spent many days crying after getting the "all your blood work is fine and your tests are good" when I knew I didn't feel well. It was affecting my whole life with my husband, kids and work. I understand what you going through.
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    • October 4, 2008
    • 03:35 AM
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