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Folks I know: Odd weight gain, lack of energy, muscle pain, etc

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  • Posted By: houseplant
  • January 28, 2009
  • 09:26 AM

Hey there,

I tried to let my title at least give you an idea of whats inside, but I believe my need to be very long winded and wordy cut down on its effectiveness, since the title is only a select number of characters. Maybe you can help me out anyway!

This thread is actually about my mother, because her whining about these symptoms is getting a little out of hand. :rolleyes:

First thing first, she's obsessed with finding the "miracle" diet. Like many women, she gained a lot of weight when she had her kids (50lb~), but managed to lose most of it every time save the last. In that case, she had to have her gallbladder out relatively soon after nursing. She remarked how odd it was that the folks who were at the hospital with her who could only eat a little bit lost weight while she, who couldn't eat anything because she'd instantly be sick, gained 20 lbs in eight days.

Since then it's been a downhill slide. It's coming up 20 years since then. She doesn't gain weight massively anymore, but nor can she lose it. To that last bit, she went on a "very strict diet" for over 9 months, did enough excercise that she hurt her foot and got it put into a cast, and didn't lose anything (nor gain it thenafter, so the body hadn't gone into 'starvation mode'). We've tried to convince her to stop trying random "miracle pills" or "miracle diets", but a few times a month she's asking to research a website on a new one. Right now I believe she's taking CLA, claiming that it says, "If you don't change your life, CLA will!", saying maybe if it makes her lose at least 1 lb, she'll be more motivated.

And while weight is the major influencer behind this, it's not the only factor. A good while I personally "escorted" then to the grocery store to monitor what they bought, while keeping the price tag down, and took an active effort to get them out walking every day for some excercise. She runs out of energy very quickly, and for a while thought she might have fibromylgia because her muscles tend to bother her. This is to the extreme where it takes an active effort for her to take a flight of stairs, or where after five minutes of walking, she needs a break. While lack of energy and weak muscles can happen in obese people, I wouldn't classify her as obese. She is overweight as she complains, but not to the point where it should affect her like it is.

That said, I know nothing about medical issues. I understand it could be something to do with the thyroid, a surgerical procedure, old age, or various hormonal organs. But those are just words I sprout off in ignorance.

If you can, please interrogate me into the ground with specific information that might help me help her get her life back, or at least give us some clues. She is in the 50-60 year old range.


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  • There could be a number of things causing her troubles, but here are my thoughts.... Syndrome-x is worth looking into if she is overweight. It caused insulin resistance, high blood pressure and more. Here are three things to plot into google: insulin resistance, hypoglycemia and synrome-x. Also, she could have something going on with her cortisol. Elevated levels will cause all the symptoms you describe and can be worth looking into. She has most likely had her thyroid levels checked, but I am mentioning in any case. In any case she would most likely find ALOT of help in eating a low glycemic diet. Eating 5 low glycemic meals a day will not give her the fast drop in weight she keeps searching for, but over time she will lose. This food will keep her bloodsugars stable and not leave her starving between meals. So I guess you should try googling low gycemic index as well. Also Anne Collins has a great forum for smart dieting, but it costs 25 dollars to join.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 28, 2009
    • 07:14 PM
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  • kieras post is a good one and i too think those things need to be considered. It sounds as if your mother has tried hard with the exercise but just not managing with that due to it causing her more issues eg muscle pain. She could well have something like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome seeing she struggles with just 5 mins walk but isnt obese. With chronic fatigue syndrome.. one will tire extremely easily and feel weak... one can have fibromylagia with it... and weight issues can also be a symptom of it. Most (95%) with CFS will have sleeping issue (insomina or sleeping too much) but not all. Has your mother got sleeping issues??? does she get other issues (headaches, bowel issues etc) other than the things you just mentioned??
    taniaaust1 2267 Replies
    • February 19, 2009
    • 04:17 AM
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