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Chronic anxiety, fatigue or something else???

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  • Posted By: Stressed Eric!
  • March 13, 2008
  • 05:10 PM


I'm a 27 year old male. Physically fit. I train 4-5 nights per week in the gym and also do a physically demanding job. I do not smoke, I drink (usally weekends only). I was treated for stress just over a year ago. For this I was given Diazepam 2mg and took it for a week until I felt better. I have never been a big fan of medication due to the side effects.

One Sunday Morning just over a year ago I suffered my 1st panic attack, after a particularly heavy Saturday night. I had no idea what it was and I assumed it was a heart attack and thought that it was the end of it for me!!

Over the course of the past year I have suffered from what my Doctor describes as Chronic Anxiety. He believes that what happened to me with the first panic attack has led to a 'fear of dying'.

My symptoms over that past year have included;
* Palpitations - Particularly last thing at night.
* Hot / Cold flushes, sweats - Particularly at night.
* Tremors - Mainly hands and arms.
* Unable to relax. Am fine when my mind is concentrating on something but as soon as I stop I get any number of the symptoms in this list.
* 'Flashes' which seem to start in my head and run through my body.
* Headaches, often lasting days on end.
* Fatigue. General feeling I'm not with it and am 'spaced out'.
* Unable to sleep through. Am up every 2 - 3 hours tossing and turning.
* Pains in the jaw, cheekbones.

I am hopeful that the Doctor was right and it is purely a psychological issue and that there is nothing worse wrong with me. I only say this as I know I am a strong enough person to battle through this. Indeed I have recently increased my training regime and most of my symptoms have subsided over the past few weeks.

My main concern is that whether or not during the panic attack (I have had 2 more since on separate occasions - none in the last 6 months) I did any neurological damage. I have read that severe stress can lead to traumas in the brain, bleeds etc... I would hate to think that I am putting these symptoms down to anxiety when there could be something a lot worse behind them. Of course my Doctor just says its anxiety and I hope he is right!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, all ideas and opinions are welcome.

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  • I am seeing my doctor today with almost all of those symptoms -cheek bone soreness and and an additional symptom of being suicidal. I attempted an overdose recently using the oxycodone I have prescribed to me for pain. If it wasn't for my 2yr old daughter I would not be reading your post and recognizing these symptoms.If you are stressed/anxious you may be grinding your teeth a lot to produce that soreness in the cheeks.Anyways, I could check in later after seeing my doctor and let you know if she tells me anything different than your M.D.
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  • I'm going through a similar problem and I've had one doctor tell me it was Chronic Fatigue. I was working @100+ hours a week in the oilfield. I left that work and tried his "miracle" drugs with no relief. It's all managed to get worse. I'd like to say I know what the problem is but I'm still searching this out myself. What I can suggest is that you see a neurologist. Begin a journal of your symptoms, when they start and how long they last. Make a note of what you eat and drink. I have noticed that STOPPING all caffeine (cokes and tea) has helped to minimize my episodes. I also stay away from refined sugars and foods with MSG. This isn't a cure all but it has helped. I'm not suggesting that you have food allergies, but there are certain conditions that those particular things tend to make worse. I would also advocate taking cool showers as opposed to HOT showers and avoiding getting over heated. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and wear loose fitting clothes. Again, I have noticed a reduction in my syptoms.....they DON'T go away, but the period of time that they last has been easier to tolerate. GOOD LUCK
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