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bruising and bone pain??

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  • Posted By: billyandsarah99
  • December 6, 2006
  • 02:54 PM

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what might be going on with me. I am a 25 yr old female with alot of health problems...migranes, had gull bladder removed, problems with one of my breast (which is being looked into), history of some abnormal paps (I have one of the high risk strains of HPV), among some other things. I suspect it is from me having endometrosis, which they are now thinking is an autoimmune disease.
My ? is about 2 yrs ago I started having really bad pain in the bone in my leg, my shin bone???. I went to the dr, he said I was having bone pain but didn't know why, gave me some vicodins and sent me on my way. I still have the leg pain, but in the last 3 mnths or so both of my thighs have been covered in bruises. All except one of them are fingertip size. On any given day there are 15 - 30 on each leg with a couple of them being on the rest of my leg. There is also one about the size of a baseball on the inside part of my knee that has been there itself for about 3 mnths. Somedays it will look red like it is in the stages of healing, but then the next day it will be back to the bruise. None of these hurt. What could they be from.
Someone on another forum suggested that I was anemic. After I had my son 6 mnths ago it came back that I was anemic. They put me on iron pills for a mnth and that was that. But if it was caused from that wouldn't I be getting bruises everywhere and not just mostly the thighs/legs.
Another suggested that maybe the leg pain is related to the bruising but if that was the case wouldn't either both legs hurt, or wouldn't just the leg that does hurt be the only leg to bruise.
Another suggested a bleeding disorder. When I got pregnant with my son my OB done bloodwork on me to try and determine why I lost my little girl so late in my pregnancy. It came back I had MTHFR mutation gene, Protien S defiency and Protien C defency. I had to go to a specialitst, take baby aspirin, and shots of Lovenox. After the pregnancy I was refered to a diff. specialits, he said it sounded like I had the opps. problem of not being able to clot as opposed to clotting to easy. But done blood work and said I was borderline on still having one of them, but nothing to worry about and didn't have the other anymore. Of course the MTHFR mutation gene I will always have. Is it possible that since those was pregnancy induced that maybe when I am not pregnant my blood does not clot like it should and then when I am pregnant it clots to easy? Or that maybe these clotting disorders have come back?
Sorry this is so long. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
Thank you

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  • okay it is not anything doing with being anemic, b/c while I was at WIC today I had the nurse check my iron and it was 15, which was normal...Ideas anyone?
    billyandsarah99 19 Replies
    • December 6, 2006
    • 11:45 PM
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  • In response to the bruising, I’ve been using this stuff on my kids for a while that’s been working great. They both play soccer so they get cuts and bruises on their legs often, not to mention they’re just generally rough when they play. I was reffered to this stuff called bruiseMD (you can find it on google) by another mother at school. The ingredients are all natural and it works quickly so it’s a great bruise remedy. Hope that helps!
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  • Hi there. i have a MTHFR polymorphism too. My specialist has me on folate due to this (as you will only be able to absorb half the folate of a normal person). He's also got me on a special form of B vitamin to donate a methyl group (to help correct the biochemistry which happens with this polymorphism which affects the bodies methylation cycle). and on another thing called TMG. This polymorphism puts you at a higher stroke risk etc and having the right basic supplements can apparently drop these risks by helping keep the homocystine levels down.
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  • i dont want to scare you but has cancer been ruled out. I know bruising and bone pain can be symptoms of some kinds of cancer
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  • Many of your symptoms fit with lupus. I really think you should see a rheumatologist to rule out autoimmune diseases....you're symptoms are just a bit too close. You didn't mention any scans to check your veins-- just blood work right? It could be Deep Vein Thrombosis too, it wouldn't show in blood work.
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