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Alot of Strange Symptoms, need advice

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 4, 2009
  • 11:04 AM

I am having a lot of symptoms and i am worried that my doctors are not focusing on the whole problem. I have been sick for almost this entire year.

Starting in January, I was peeing and leaking blood from my urethra. I thought at the time, that I had a possible urinary tract infection, and went to my doctor's. They said there was blood in my urine sample, but no infection. I couldn't get the doctor to believe that i was positive the blood was not my period. And I made sure of it before i made the appointment, because that would just be embarrassing. Before this my period was highly irregular, and i would most of the time go five or six months without even having my period. So i was at the doctor for over an hour trying to convince her that i was sure this was not my period but no matter what she wouldn't go for it. I was pretty embarrassed and upset.

Two days later she called me on the phone and said there was some nitrates in my urine sample and that she was going to give me antibiotics. For the next two months i randomly bled from my urethra and peed blood, but i wasn't sure what to do and i kind of just hoped it would stop. Eventually it did for awhile. Then i started to pass what i think are blood clots in my urine. I'm not exactly sure, as I've never seen a picture of one. But they are brownish clumps of what looks like tissue. I also had pain in my left side, this was around April. I returned to the doctors, but i could not produce the clots at the doctors office when i gave my urine sample.

The end of April, I saw a new doctor and i got a pap smear and I had a new symptom where I couldn't stop feeling like i had to urinate. Especially if i was standing for a long time, I got my urine results back, and they said i had no sign of infection, but i had high nitrates in my urine, and i took antibiotics again, after this i did not feel any different. I went back after i finished my prescription, and the doctor gave me something for bladder muscle spasms, which did make me feel better.

Shortly after i got my results of my pap smear back and they said it was abnormal. I went back for a colposcopy last week. They suspected I had hpv, which i am only sexually active with one person, but i agreed for that.

My side to this day still feels very swollen and a little painful. Twice this past week i have had bloody stool and bleeding from my . . . **m. I still constantly feel like i have to pee alot, even though i have no infection.

Other symptoms are I almost always have a constant headache in the left lower back of my head. Its so bad sometimes I can hear it. I am either very tired, or completely unable to sleep. Its like my body is in a weird rhythm where i can sleep alot half of the month, and spend the second half constantly awake.

I am very worried that I have not had my period consistently, but the doctors don't seem worried about it.

Some other information about me
24 years old
2 kids
slightly overweight

I'm just afraid i am going to die, but I'm not sure if i should suggest something to the doctors, or what i should do, these problems are embarrassing, and i just want to feel better.

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  • Blood in your urine having no apparent infection could be kidney stones...pain and bleeding often happens only when the stones are moving around.Bleeding in your stool or from your rectum could be hemorrhoids, colon polyps or other colon issues.Not having a period is often a hormone issue.Never be embarrassed about or scared to discuss your health issues with your doctor. They work for you... either you're paying them or your insurance is.If you don't feel like you can talk to your doctor then maybe it's time to find a new one.Wishing you the best of health!
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