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A lot of symptoms, but no answers.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 13, 2015
  • 06:39 PM

I've been unwell for so long that I am not sure I've ever felt well.

In 1999: Stage 0 Cervical Cancer treated with Radical Cone Biopsy.

2001: Endometriosis Diagnosed with Laparoscopy and treated with birth control

2004: Secondary Infertility

2005: Diagnosed with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis (treated with Celebrex)

2007: Diagnosed Stage 3B Melanoma (treated with Wide Local Excision, Radical Lymph Node Dissection Right Axilla, GP100)

2008: Diagnosed Type 1 Hemachromatosis (confirmed with DNA)

2009: Gestational Diabetes: Insulin Dependent due to uncontrollable fasting numbers

2011: Non Hodgkins lymphoma: stable tumor that disappeared in 2014. Not sure I agree with this one, no pathology.

November 2014-present:Worsening monthly symptoms
Each month, shortly before my period. I become exhausted, completely unable to get out of bed. During that time, I am also confused and weak,nauseaus, dizzy, my legs hurt and my vision is blurry.

CBC is fine, ferritin is fine, all scans are fine.

First tried Neurology: They were testing for MS, but found no lesions. Did find that I have lost sensation in my legs and nerve damage at my feet.

Then Pulmonary: Sleep Study showed minor sleep apnea. (5 episodes per hour). Dr doesnt feel it is causing my symptoms, but offered cpap.

Then Opthamology: Diagnosed Borderline Glaucoma Cup to Rim Ratio .6, OCT: inferior thinning Right eye; VFT: 9 specific losses coinciding with the thinning; Glocioscope: trace pigmentation bilateral

Then Cardiology: Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, palpatations. Holter shows jumps into the 200s, low of 105.

Rhuematology: Took away diagnosis of Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Feels problem isn't autoimmune because swelling is unilateral.

Dermatology: Changed Psoriasis diagnosis to eczema

I've went through two PCM's, neither has any clue and seem to feel it's a psychiatric problem. I feel the only psychiatric problem is caused by their incompetence. :-) When feeling particularly bad yesterday, I went out and bought an A1C test. I'm not sure of the accuracy, but it said 7%. I also took glucose levels yesterday and today. Both fasting numbers were at 120. After meal numbers around 90. Trace ketones have been in my urine since February. Anion Gap has stayed around 16. Increased cholesterol 214, HDL 61 and LDL 142. (VLDL 11 and Triglyceride 57).

I quit taking my only two medications when my heart rate started going up. I had been on Provigil and Adderall for years for fatigue.

This time last year, I was running a half marathon. This year, I can't even keep up with my 5 year old for a mile run.

Today, I went to Urgent Care to beg for any lab work that might help. I was told that I don't look sick and definitely don't look like I have diabetes. I was offered pain medication for lymphadema (from the dissection) and zofran for upset stomach.

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