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3 year old alway unwell

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  • Posted By: lillypilly
  • February 20, 2008
  • 01:28 PM

I'm looking for some suggestions as to what may be up with my little one. My daughter has always had recurrent high fevers (39C and up, or 102.2f) where she seems very lethargic and obviousy unwell, but no other obvious symptoms. It lasts anything from one to three days, better with paracetimol but returns after 3.5hrs.
She has been to the hospital when very little, docs thought she had meningitis of some description or one of the -coccles (cant remember now) and wanted to do lumbar puncture but got the bloods back in time to prevent that.
It seems to happen every couple of months at least.
She also get very sweaty most nights, even though she bathes every evening, her hair stinks from sweat every morning. A recent development is a white tongue. it does not brush off and seems to cause no discomfort, although a sore mouth has been an issue on and off in the past. Her breath does not smell offensive.
She complains of being tired all the time, and swings between acting totally hyper and tired and whiny. She is always emotional.
She hardly eats anything and is very skinny.
I have three children so I know what is normal behavior and illness for little kids, and she is worrying me.
I would appreciate any suggestions of avenues that I can research as docs are dismissive.

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  • Consider finding a pediatric homeopath or naturopath or chiropractor to help your little one. Sometimes they can offer solutions when western docs cannot. Continue with testing, but include a more holistic approach. There is a possibility that she has a food intolerance contributing to this - allopathic medicine doesn't do a great job in addressing this problem and it is so very common in young ones. What is her urination like? What are her stools like? What does she drink/eat on a daily basis? What are her "favorite" foods? Best wishesDOM
    acuann 3,080 Replies
    • February 20, 2008
    • 02:54 PM
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  • she doesn't drink much in the way of fluids, so she only does small wees which are moderately coloured.Stools are roughly every two days, pretty stinky, consistency is ok, kind of like playdoh.She has had a strange bout of 'white' poos about a year and a half ago. Doc said it sounded like bile problems but there were apparently no other matching symptoms and it went away within a week.She drinks water and cows milk, eats whole grain cereal, likes grapes and will eat about 10-15 grapes which is a lot to eat in one sitting for her. she will sometimes eat toast, we have 5 grain brown bread. The rest is very picky, tiny bits and pieces of various things. She won't eat many veggies, but likes peas and corn and raw red capsicum (i think they are called bell peppers in other countries?). She has become a lot more selective in which she will eat as she has got older, but that's normal. I still offer a good variety every day, but you can't make her eat it!she of course likes chocolate, but even then will only eat small quantities most of the time. She has a very small choc bar once a week which she sometimes does not finish.that's all i have time for right now..thanks!
    lillypilly 3 Replies
    • February 21, 2008
    • 00:34 AM
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  • She may have celiac, or gluten intolerance, causing her symptoms. Western testing for celiac is hard...consider finding a kinesiologist or NAET practitioner to help you get to the cause of her condition. NAET is Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques, and is a noninvasive technique for diagnosing and clearing allergies and food intolerances. It is fantastic and can really make a difference. Please look into this, as I suspect she may have problems with grains such as wheat, oats, and such. Best wishesDOM
    acuann 3,080 Replies
    • February 21, 2008
    • 02:52 PM
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  • Is her blood platelet count low?? Does she have any swollen lymph nodes in her neck, arm-pitt, or groin area??? The doc should have done a pet scan on her due to her being so young....Google Hodgkins Lymphoma and or non-hodgkins lymphoma and check her symptoms there, she has all the symptoms except the lymph nodes which you can't always see them they could be deep under the skin and still swollen. I have back pain w/ mine and neck pain, tired/no energy, weight loss is common, swollen lymph nodes, BAD night sweats, I sweat under my arms ALL the time even when it's 30 degrees outside and when I sweat if I'm wearing a white shirt the sweat turns the shirt black under the arms, difficulty breathing, low grade temp, and I ITCH!! Some days it will be the back of my ears, my head,arms, legs, neck, just random places...Oh and some people have a rash as well. Lymphoma is becomming more of a problem in children, it's nothing to play with but treatable if the docs find it early enough. Get her to a Hematologist ASAP!
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  • she has had a whole swag of blood tests, found a doctor that is willing to investigate. We are waiting on the test results now. Also testing for thalessemia, which is genetic and in the family.if anything hairy turns up will post again.thank you for your advice.
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  • Hi, we got the results. everything is pretty much normal except for slightly elevated potassium and slightly low iron. platlets etc are all fine.
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  • They need to do a repeat blood test to rule out the high potassium being caused by the drawing of the blood. First you need to do another blood test and see if the potassium is still high. If it is, then she needs further testing to rule out Addison's disease or kidneys disfunction. Is she on any kid's supplements? Has she had an ultrasound of her kidneys? DOM
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