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Wow Pancreas Pain!!!

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  • Posted By: ithurts
  • June 23, 2010
  • 08:43 PM

Hi Here Goes!

Over a year ago I went to the hospital with severe back pain a
in the doctor that came in said what's your main complaint.
I said my back she reached down in felt my legs and than said
dependent edema.
That's it.
Okay went home and I have learned to live with the pain
scale 1 to 10 10 plus!
Have gone to my doctor for other things.
I said my right side is killing me.
It's in where kidney might be hurt bad 10 plus no kidney infection.
Than I noticed how when I go to bed
I'll start coughing it's dry and wheezing.
After I fall asleep sometimes I may wake up from choking.
It's hard to explain to someone. I came across in researching ways
to eat for my thyroid I found this (Cardiac asthma) this is the exact
way I'll wake up!
I did go to the sleep clinic have to go back for results at there
I didn't wake up choking in only slept both times around four hours
each time.
Okay I started to notice that when I was sitting or standing there
would be times that I'd have to go the bathroom fast or I'd mess myself.
Bowel sometimes dark colored sometimes skinny sometimes really tiny
or it seems like what is called oily but never just liquid.
As of june 2010 Now it comes out fast!
After I go it feels like there still something there.
I'm not constipated and I don't eat a lot or starve myself.
I eat when my body tells me to because I haven't been hunger for a while now.
I'm tired all the time even when sitting still.
Sometimes so tired I do have to go take a nap.
The right side of my body feels messed up I've had a ache under
my right arm that can stay for hours and than go away.
I can't feel any lumps there!
My right side of my neck swelled with one distended vein in one lymph node
right Occipital Node swollen fixed not movable or painful.
No swore throat or ear aches.
The lymph node stays swollen but the part of the neck where the jaw line
is will go down in up. What's scary is I started to have the non pitting
edema in the hands.
Sometimes like now my left hand or fingers are more swollen than the right.
Sometimes I can feel pain in the chest and than what ever it is with
creep into the breathing area in I'll have to take my inhaler.

Saturday June 19th 2010 Went to the Emergency room they gave me a CT Scan And IV And.
I did say No Pain Killer because I can handle a lot of pain.
I had to drink the stuff In have a CT Scan.
Test results 7 hours later pancreas inflamed And High White Blood Cell Count.
He Didn't Think It Was From A Infection.
He asked if I had my Gall Bladder Out.
I Said No In he checked The area. I said I have no Shoulder Pain
Or Front Pain From That.
But He acted like I should Stay in have my Gall Bladder Out.
I said No Since I had a doctors Appointment a few days latter.

Read Below He Didn't Mention My Enlarged Uterus

Tuesday Doctors Visit June 22nd 2010
I went to the doctors yesterday in the ct scan in the ER showed a
swollen pancreas and enlarged uterus.
Blood work Test showed high white blood cell count I don't know what it was.
Potassium low
Doctors office Low blood pressure.
Test Not Anemic
Took a urine sample what I could give Brownish Color First Time.
Doesn't hurt when I pee!
I've had A long time ago a Bladder infection so I know what to expect
Doctor took more blood and I'll go for another uterus ultrasound next week.
She wants me back in two weeks.
Tuesday night June 22nd 2010 without the doctor saying
anything about my Potassium
I ate part of a Banana For the Potassium

hard swollen belly
Upper and
Lower Pain that Goes To The Back You Or I can feel it swell with pressure than Go Down
Stomach pain that goes to the back.
right Swollen Occipital Node
Bowels Messed up
Don't Have the flu and besides all the stuff I feel okay if I can say that.
No sex Drive loss of libido that's a hard one when your female in married.
I've never had it where my sex drive went away.
Tired all the time
Sleep Hard time falling asleep in only sleep for around four or five hours.
Throwing Up 7 times in nine days.
Not hunger
Fecal odor
Stiff Neck
A Few Weird Headaches
Dry Blood odor
Not Pregnant Yes Periods Have Changed Somewhat!
I've never had a problem with gas but now there's
a lot of gas and some belching.
I piss a lot or a little and I do Drink a lot but I Don't Drink Alcohol
When I relax a certain way etc hang over my couch the pain lessens
It's like the pressure is off that area.

I weigh 205:8 pounds and I'm 5:4
I have have lost 8 pounds since March.
That's a lot for me!
Mind ya I do stay in the house a lot and have not been walking or exercising

Medical Stuff
I have hyperthyroidism - Graves Disease
Also pitted edema in the legs and feet
hiatal hernia as of June 2010 that's fine

Meds I'm On
******g pills for the edema
Col Pills
Thyroid Pill for Hyperthyroid
Three inhalers
One stomach pill
Allergic to is Hornets.

Old Medical Problems
Tumor on bladder when younger finally taken off when teenager
Tumor in pelvic area that and left ovary and tube gone.
Both times not cancer
Retroverted Uterus
at one time a doctor wrote in a report Bowel Sounds Present
One breast lump 2010 test again nothing found

My Thyroid doctor new scan in office of throat thyroid fine. test normal
He didn't say anything about the lymph node being swollen.
He doesn't seem to think any things even the pitted edema in
the feet and legs is thyroid related.

Any Ideas!!! This took awhile to
write in I'll miss putting something in but hope someone has a idea!
I think There's another Tumor somewhere.
Thanks for reading.

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