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Worms seen after flushing

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 8, 2007
  • 08:29 AM

HI all,

I start with an apology coz this is my first post and its about worms.....sick!

Hasnt anyone had this problem at all??? Because I just couldnt find any info on this in this forum. I would appreciate any help I get. Iam simply going out of my mind with what I may have.

Started with some weird feeling of water swishing around in my belly around may last year. Very loose watery stools. Mild cramps from a lot of gas, both ways, which was quite horrible enough...until after a month or so...i started spotting 1 or 2 thin whitish pink worms with black heads, 1cm long, swimming at the bottom of the toilet bowl on some occasions after flushing my stools. I could even see a few dark brown eggs. Now I am a medical student so I did the preliminary diagnosis of hookworms. I freaked out and went and got some albendazole tablets. Took the required single dose. And went ahead and took an extra dose after three weeks.
All was good and "clear"....

Until a month or so after that....the cramps returned along with the swishy belly feeling, mild watery diarrhea and then spotted a couple of worms AGAIN!!!!! this time they were slightly longer, probably 1.5cm and were reddish rather than whitish-pink. And a few eggs.

What on earth??? Can hookworms be resistant to albendazole? I thought the drug can cure it! I am feeling so gross, frustrated and desparate.
I am going to get a stool analysis to figure out what type of worm it is.....but whatever it is.....albendazole should have been able to eliminate it for good.

Has this happened to anybody? Please help.

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  • sounds very like what i had when i was 13.i went to a public library and looked it up.a few old medical books (in 1959!)seemed to agree on the following:boil two pints of water allow to cool to blood heat.put into a jug.mix in two tablespoons of salt.apply as enema.lie down for five minutes on back then for five minutes on belly.excrete the water. i did this.....result...no more problem.ever. end of story.of course your worm may not be the same as mine,and your infestation may not be so conveniently located as mine perhaps was.but you dont know until you try,do you?as a medical student your body is your own best laboratory!incidentally you may have done yourself a big favour.google the terms "parasitic worms and multiple sclerosis"and see what you find.i cant understand why there hasnt been a big party about this observation.can you?let me know how you get on with this please,if you will.
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  • an afterthought,;the not o.k.,then o.k.for a bit then not ok again may indicate a reinfection,rather than a reappearance of the original bloodline,so to speak.it is fairly obvious what you have to do if that is the case!good luck!
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  • Thanks a lot for your reply.If iam right, and the infestation i have(feels yucky even typing it down) is hookworm then the enema might not be the solution for this. Since hookworms are known to reside in the small intestine and not large. However, as I mentioned since i am so desperate...i just might try it out.About the Ok and not ok issue, I really highly doubt i could have gotten reinfected. I am aware of all the methods of transmission and re-infection of hookworms....and i am POSITIVE it could not have happened. Especially since i was already a hygiene freak of the family to begin with. And ironically iam the only one in the family with these symptoms or sightings. Inspite of that I did make everyone in the family take albendazole. Any further suggestions or information appreciated.
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  • Just curious, but do you eat a lot of sushi? A friend of mine had a large worm plop out one morning, and some smaller ones later. She was a big time sushi eater before that incident, but not anymore.
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  • No i dont actually. I am a vegetarian mostly. Once a month or so I do eat chicken though. Once in six months or a year, i consume fresh-water fish....almost always fried. All fruits and vegetables are washed three times in our kitchen at home (Mom's an OCD herself) I do NOT walk around barefoot on any moist surfaces outdoors....let alone lie down on the same. I just havent figured out how on earth did i get this infestation. Just doesnt make sense.
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  • For the original poster, maybe the dose you took wasn't enough to actually starve the worms. When you say that you "took the required single dose" do you mean you only took the pills once (and then again in a couple weeks), or did you take a single cycle that lasted a few days or more? It seems that the common dosage for albendazole is 400mg twice a day for a at least a few days, but apparently can go for almost a month (and then there is the option to repeat two weeks later...) So a single dose for only one day might work for pinworms, but probably not for larger ones (roundworms or hookworms) that require more time to die.
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  • I got this I think as well. Did you ever shower somewhere public? Cause I've been spending my time at a camp, and their bathrooms are terrible. I came home a week later, after spending a good time there, and one came out. white with a pin sized black head right? I've been looking for a website to help me out with this, and this was the closest I've gotten to finding out what it is and how to get rid of it.
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