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Vomiting every day for 14 months

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  • Posted By: HarrietS
  • February 26, 2013
  • 02:13 PM

Since about January 2012 I cannot remember going a day without vomiting whatever I eat.
I am a 20 year old woman studying at university....this is not normal!! :(

It began with the feeling of intensive nausea and feeling of fullness, occasionally bringing up most of my meals within 30 minutes of eating them, and my drinks too. Eventually in March, I realized whatever this problem was, I needed to see a doctor about it. I was then put on various antacids, anti sickness and vomiting medications which hardly touched it, and I was still being sick every single day.

My doctor finally listened to me, and referred me to the gastro unit at hospital, where I was seen by a consultant in July. He agreed I needed a gastroscopy. The results showed I had a small amount of bile in my stomach and nothing else, he put me on some more tablets to see if it would help. Not surprisingly, it didn't And at this point I was taking 8 tablets a day, and STILL being sick. I also suffer from abdominal pain. Particularly just below my left ribs, but also get lower left and right stabbing pains, pains in my sides and my back. I decided to stop taking the medications as they were not helping me.

I have lost about a stone and a half in weight, and can hardly keep any foods down. I avoid the majority of them anyways... cannot eat tomato, garlic, chocolate, sweet foods, spicy foods, onion, creamy foods, alcohol, flavoured drinks, carbonated drinks etc.
I have had many blood tests and they all came back normal (kidney, pancreas, liver etc) I am slightly anaemic though (not surprising)
I have even been to a&e after family advised me to, as I have vomited blood about 8 times, and this usually occurs when I get heartburn.They sent me home as I was not 'ill enough'. I am always tired, and really struggling at uni, as this is affecting my life so much. My stomach also pulsates and is hard when I touch it.

I have recently had an MRI of my abdomen, and a barium swallow. The results of the barium showed my stomach is slightly distended, motility is slow, and my stomach does not contract as well as most peoples, but did not show anything particular.
The MRI did not show any abnormalities, so it is not Crohns disease or Ulcerative Colitis. Although, they could not find my right kidney, and my left kidney is 15cm long so it is possible they have fused..not sure if this is at all related though.

They advised me that I need more specialist assessments.

I do not smoke, and hardly drink.

If anyone has any idea of what I have I would be so so appreciative. This is ruining my life.

Thanks, Harriet

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  • my daughter was diagnosed with Gastroparesis sounds the same. The kidney thing the doctors weren't worried about that? Any who check out Gastroparesis.
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  • I am having same issue cant eat, severe weight loss, pain when food of any kind hits the stomach, I have been seeing a gastro, but test are not giving them answers, I just keep getting more pills, pain is so severe but they don't want me to take narcotic, they are blaming the gastro problems with this, the weight loss and problems came long before and I do have chronic panceaeitis, not from alcohol, diabetic, type 2 for 15 years, help I cant eat and believe I will starve to death
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  • Harriet, I am having the same issues, not getting results from test yet that anything is definitely wrong, I throw up all the time but now have pancreatitis to add to it, lost 35 pounds in the last 4 months, I have been talking to someone from britan that now lives in the USA, cutting out all the chemicals added to the food here in the USA, when she goes home she can eat most items here, very few, 8 items I think, have you found any answers, always had IBS but this is new, painful, help!
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